For Your Christmas List: Bacon Scented Shaving Cream

If you’re looking for a unique stocking stuffer, how about bacon shaving cream?

Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, the so-called bacontrepreneurs who operate J&D’s foods in Seattle, have produced a limited edition bacon-scented shaving cream. At $14.99, the first batch is already sold out on the company website, but a new batch will be ready to ship in time for Christmas. Apparently there is a limited run of only 2,500 jars.

According to Orange News in the UK, Justin Esch claimed that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bacon is the best part of breakfast. Why not smell like it and be the best?”

Here’s how the product is described on the J&D website:

“Nothing is more powerful or captivating than the smell of bacon. It is truly the smell of victory (and breakfast). Now you can work yourself into a rich, bacon lather with J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream.

“J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream is a high end, luxurious bacon-scented shaving cream for all skin types. It is best used after a hot shower or before an important date with someone you may want to spend the rest of your life with.”

” … With J&D’s Bacon Shaving Cream, prepare to be loved, admired and possibly be eaten by bears.”

Among its other pork-themed products, the company also makes a bacon-scented coffin. As FNC notes, “what could be better than spending eternity wrapped in your favorite cured meat?

Would you consider shaving with a cream that smelled like bacon? How do you think others would react to a bacon scent?