Jenelle Evans Asks Fans For Prayers Amid Court Battle For Jace

Jenelle Evans is locked in a heated battle with her mother for custody of her eldest son, Jace, and has taken to social media to ask fans for support for the upcoming court date. When Jace, 7, was born, Jenelle signed primary custody over to her mother, Barbara, due to the fact that she was involved in partying and had issues with drugs at the time. The agreement was to be that Barb would give him back once Jenelle had her act together, but now that she does, Barbara thinks it’s too late to hand him back over to his biological mother.

Viewers of Teen Mom 2 are extremely divided over where Jace should rightfully live. Some think that uprooting him from Barbara after all of these years would create huge issues for Jace and that he should continue to live with his grandmother. Others feel like it’s high time Barbara gave Jace back, especially since Jenelle Evans seems to be settled down now that she’s engaged, has a newborn, and lives in a custom built house she and her fiancé created themselves.

Jenelle Evans has previously been so angry at her mother, Barbara, for keeping Jace from her that she has refused to film with her at times, telling production that they have her mother so they don’t need her.

Via Twitter, Jenelle told her audience that she would have a final decision on where Jace would live by the 25th of this month.

She has previously stated that she thinks the court will look at her favorably since she has cleaned up her act despite her several arrests for drugs and other issues.

She asked her fans to pray for her for the rest of the week, clearly hoping that Jace would be sent home with her.

“Need all the prayers I can get from here until the end of next week. Please and thank you! #Love#FamilyFirst”

Although Jenelle Evans is in a public custody battle, this isn’t the only drama in her life. The young mother-of-three has been engaged in a heated Twitter exchange with her fiancé, David Eason’s, sister, Jessica Eason Miller. The pair have been going back and forth, accusing each other of being drug users and Jenelle even being accused of dipping her stepdaughter, Maryssa’s, toothbrush in the toilet as a form of punishment. Although the fight made headlines, Jenelle seems to have finally eased off in her Twitter storm.

Jenelle expresses herself on social media whether it is good or bad for her case with Jace, and this new Twitter rant may prove that she isn’t mature enough to handle the responsibility of her child.

In true Jenelle fashion, she also took to Twitter to complain about her mother, Barbara, “hiding” Jace on Mother’s Day. The young mom confessed she was heartbroken not to see her eldest son on the special day and said that she spent the evening crying. However, during the day, she did put on a brave face for her other two children and stepdaughter, Maryssa.

On previous episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans has told her mother that if she does get Jace back permanently, she will refuse to talk to her mother and cut her out of her life. This, however, seems rather drastic considering that Jace spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, and it is unlikely the courts will allow that to happen.

However, both parties have acted a little less than mature over the course of the case, and surely that will reflect negatively on them as the verdict is finally decided this week.

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