Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Sweet Wedding Family Tradition She Will Continue

Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding to her beau Austin Forsyth is fast approaching, and the young woman absolutely can’t wait to walk down the aisle. She recently shared that she’ll be sharing in her mega-family’s tradition: wearing snippets of her grandmother’s and mother’s wedding dress as she exchanges vows with her beloved.

Michelle Duggar, Joy-Anna’s mother and matriarch to the family, recently shared the tradition in a video.

“This wedding dress is Grandma Duggar’s and she let me wear her wedding dress on my wedding day. So now, the tradition has been that we’ve given a snippet of Grandma’s and my dress to our girls for them to use in their wedding.”

Each girl has done her own thing with the snippet of the wedding dresses. Jinger Duggar’s was perhaps the most touching, as she had her wedding designer cut the scrap into a heart and sew it near where Jinger’s own heart is so that she held the women close to her heart as she wedded Jeremy Vuolo.

Joy-Anna and her fiance, Austin Forsyth, got engaged last March after only four months of courting. Still, the pair have known one another for 15 years and insist they are best friends. The engagement will be featured on the newest season of Counting On, a spin-off of 19 Kids and Counting which focuses on the older Duggar girls as they enter into courtships and marriages.

Joy-Anna Duggar, who is only 19, has faced her share of controversy in regard to her courtship with Austin Forsyth. Earlier this year, she was accused of being pregnant and engaging in pre-marital sex, despite the fact that the family is strictly opposed to couples even kissing before their wedding day. The rumors have proved to be unfounded, but Joy-Anna still has babies on the brain.

The young Duggar sibling said she was incredibly excited to be a mother and couldn’t wait to start a family with Austin. Slow down, girl.

The pair were originally set to wed in October, however insiders have stated that the wedding will actually take place tomorrow, May 20th. It is unclear why the wedding date was moved up, but some believe that the original October registry was either created as a decoy or could have been fake altogether. It is likely the wedding will take place either at or near the Duggar home, as the guests of the mega wedding will be coming to the Duggar house before and after the wedding.

The Duggar family are known for their large weddings, and each Duggar girl that has gotten married has had over 1000 people in attendance, plus the TLC cameras. It is no doubt that Joy-Anna Duggar’s big day is going to be just as big of an event. It will also likely be captured for Counting On cameras and will be featured as part of a special, like her elder siblings weddings were previously.

Joy-Anna’s older sister, Jill Dillard, recently returned to the United States from her mission trip in El Salvador with her husband, Derick, and young son, Israel. Many fans speculated that the couple returned home so quickly because a friend of theirs was kidnapped and brutally murdered, and the couple have always cited Central America as being an “extremely dangerous place to live.” However, if Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding was always scheduled for this weekend, it would make sense that Jill Duggar and her husband flew back just in time for her sister’s nuptials.

Although media is sketchy on the details, the Duggar siblings are nothing if not active on social media, and it is likely photos will emerge after the wedding takes place tomorrow.

[Featured Image by Joy-Anna Duggar/Instagram]