Florence Henderson starts FloH Club to give seniors tech support

Kim LaCapria

The mom from The Brady Bunch has a new tech support company, designed to help your grandma follow you on Twitter.

Florence Henderson describes the service as "like roadside assistance for computers," conceived because until not too long ago, Henderson received a cell phone but had no idea how to do anything other than make a call with it. Now Henderson is all up in her lappity-toppity box, Facebooking and Skyping and generally performing all manner of technological feats. And she wants to get other old people in the game, too.

For $250 a year or $25 a month or $50 an incident, people too old to even know how to Google can call in to the FloH club seven days a week from 8 a.m to 2 a.m. Tech support staff will answer all kinds of questions, teaching the elderly to install iPods, network printers, shop online and e-mail you thirty times a day while embarrassing you on Facebook.

Are you old and trying to find the FloH club? Go up to the browser window and type in "www.flohclub.com." That's a freebie.