Donald Trump Resignation: Trump Will Likely Quit As Russia Investigation Deepens, Longtime Associate Predicts

Donald Trump will likely resign the presidency rather than face the prospect of "losing" in an investigation of his campaign's collusion with Russia, one longtime Trump associate is predicting.

As the investigation into the alleged connections between Trump's campaign and Russia heats up, there are growing predictions that it will lead to impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump and possibly criminal charges for some of those connected to the campaign. There are already reports that there are sealed indictments for several Trump insiders --- as well as the president himself --- and this week former FBI Director Bob Mueller was appointed as a special prosecutor into the Russia investigation.

But the man who co-authored Trump's Art of the Deal bestseller believes that the president will likely quit before he risks the idea of losing.

"I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he's going to have to figure out a way to resign," Tony Schwartz told Anderson Cooper (via The Huffington Post), adding that Trump will "figure out a way, as he has done all his career, to turn a loss into a victory so he will declare victory when he leaves."

Schwartz explained that for Donald Trump, there is no such thing as right and wrong, only winning and losing.

"And right now, he is in pure terror that he is going to lose," Schwartz said.

There have been other rumors that Donald Trump is considering resignation as the Russia scandal continues to tighten around him and a growing number of connections between his campaign and Russia are uncovered. In March, when reports emerged that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn offered to be interviewed by the FBI in exchange for immunity, there were reports that Trump was considering a way out of the presidency.

A former U.S. military officials and "hacktivist" known as The Jester, whose inside sources had correctly predicted a number of other developments in the Russia investigation, cited sources claiming that Trump was considering all options, including resignation.

There have been many others predicting that Donald Trump will resign rather than face the consequences of the growing Russian scandal. Brent Budowsky, a political commentator and former aide to chief deputy majority whip Bill Alexander, wrote in an op-ed for The Hill that he believed overwhelming evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia will lead the president to resign.

"Appointing former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel was a profound and historic move that will ensure the facts come out," he wrote. "As the Trump presidency enters a summer of scandal and hearings, revelations and leaks and disastrous poll ratings, many Republicans in Congress, who will continue to face contentious town hall meetings, will belatedly run from Trump like Olympic sprinters.

"At that point Trump will probably choose to resign and Putingate will end like Watergate did."
And the betting markets, which have correctly predicted most elections, are also tilted heavily toward impeachment or resignation for Donald Trump. As CNBC reported, there are close to even odds on the political stock market site PredictIt that Trump will be out of office by the end of 2018.
"As accusations and intense scrutiny over various facets of the Republican's leadership continue, the market has said Trump's odds of remaining in power are diminishing, PredictIt co-founder John Aristotle Phillips told CNBC on Friday. 'It's almost 50-50 that he won't be in office by the end of 2018.' "
Despite the increasing predictions that Donald Trump will resign rather than face the prospect of public embarrassment and scandal, the president has remained steadfast in his denial of any connections with Russia.

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