Matt Hardy Talks Dream Feud Vs. Bray Wyatt As War Over 'Broken Universe' Gets Even More Heated

Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt — it's a match that's been talked about in fantasy booking circles from the time Hardy was plying his trade in Impact Wrestling and calling himself "broken." And if you ask Matt, it's one match he'd like to see take place now that he and his brother Jeff are back in WWE. But the recent battle between Impact and the Hardys for the rights to the "Broken Universe" gimmicks may result in Matt not being quite as "broken" as fans, or he himself, would want to be.

Speaking to Sport Bible, Matt and Jeff Hardy — The Hardy Boyz — sat down for what was billed as their "first and only" sit-down interview since their WWE return at WrestleMania 33. With Matt doing most of the talking, the brothers from Cameron, North Carolina explained that they did try to keep their comeback to the WWE as much of a secret as possible, which meshes with Jeff's earlier claim to CBS Sports, just days before WrestleMania, that he and Matt were signed to a deal with Ring of Honor "at least through the summer."

Since that big return, which saw The Hardy Boyz win the RAW Tag Team Titles on the "grandest stage of them all," the brothers have been feuding mainly with the recently-turned-heel tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro. But that hasn't stopped people from speculating that a Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt feud would be right up WWE's alley, considering the bizarre nature of both gimmicks – Matt as a "broken" individual using big words and spewing out peculiar promos in a vaguely British accent, and Wyatt as a dark and ornery cult leader.

Could Bray Wyatt be the perfect foil to Matt Hardy, especially if the latter uses his "Broken" gimmick? [Image by WWE]

"Just for starters, if we get to where we need to be, I think 'Broken' Matt Hardy against Bray Wyatt would be an amazing deal," Matt Hardy explained to Sport Bible.

"You look at him [Jeff] - him vs Seth Rollins, him vs Finn Balor, either one of us vs. Roman Reigns - there's a lot of cool, interesting combinations of guys who became stars in the last five or six years that we've never worked against, it's totally like a fresh slate. So there's a lot of potential forces as singles competitors also."
Indeed, it would be a great premise — Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt in a battle between two of WWE's more unusual characters. Meanwhile, you could have the high-flying Jeff Hardy, possibly using his old Broken Universe gimmick as Brother Nero, taking on the similarly-exciting Seth Rollins or Finn Balor. These theoretical rivalries could potentially captivate the WWE Universe once presented, but fans appear to be waiting for one thing, and one thing only — Matt Hardy finally being allowed to be 100 percent "Broken," with no fear of legal repercussion.

The Hardy Boyz are currently feuding with Sheamus and Cesaro onscreen over the 'RAW' Tag Team Championships, and feuding with Impact Wrestling offscreen over the rights to the Broken Universe gimmick. [Image by WWE]

On Tuesday, reported that the ongoing sniping between the Hardy family and Impact Wrestling has become "uglier," with the Hardys still insisting that they filed for the Broken Universe trademarks before Impact did. And in the most recent developments on that front, Impact creative consultant Dutch Mantell posted multiple tweets clearly referencing the Hardys and promising that the company's side of the story will soon be heard.

"Twitteroids…keep in mind that we're listening to your comments. You are the ultimate judges of what we do. @IMPACTWRESTLING @EdNordholm. Stories are like pancakes…it always has 2 sides. Wanna hear the other side? Some people won't like it. @IMPACTWRESTLING @EdNordholm. Folks…there's some things I could tell you that you'd SYH at. You can't write this stuff. Coming soon. Stay tuned. @@RealJeffJarrett"
Matt Hardy also took to Twitter earlier this week to further comment on the issue, posting a rare out-of-character tweet where he implored Impact and its majority owner Anthem Sports and Entertainment to "do the right thing" when it comes to the Broken Universe gimmicks.

Would you also like to see Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt someday in the WWE, and would you still be willing to see it, even if Matt isn't allowed to use his "Broken" gimmick?

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