‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Returns To Salem, Stays By Brady’s Side As He Slips Into A Coma

Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for John to return to Salem. With Brady’s health declining rapidly, he needs his family by his side. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know what happens next on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers will follow.

After being shot by Xander in Canada, Brady lays in a hospital bed in Salem. Days of Our Lives fans will remember that he received Daniel’s heart after a fatal car crash on New Year’s Eve 2016. Now Brady is again in a dire situation as that heart is giving out. According to Soap Hub, Kayla will have even more bad news for him and his family. He is dying. They have been concerned, since the shooting, that the heart would be rejected by Brady’s body. That has actually begun to happen. And now the countdown is on to find a new heart in time to save his life. John and Tate share some tender moments with Brady, as he faces what may be the end of his life, and says his goodbyes to his family before slipping into a coma.

Days of Our Lives fans know that Vincent Irizarry (Deimos) will be leaving the show in the very near future. Spoilers tell us that his heart may actually be an option for Brady. After all, they are family. The chance of compatibility is higher.

When Brady had first received Daniel’s heart, he went through a period where he remembered Daniel’s dreams and experienced some memories as well. Social media shows Days of Our Lives fans pondering if the same would happen with a heart from Deimos. With the evil he carries in his heart, Deimos is the polar opposite of Daniel. Would that lead to Brady surviving but a different side of him coming out for the first time?

Deimos and Xander 'Days of Our Lives' evil villains.
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Xander is still a question mark in the spoilers. There has been no information on how long he will be on the Days of Our Lives set. Every time he comes back, it is for evil deeds and never to make amends. With the shooting of Brady, Xander has totally betrayed his Uncle Victor and will never be accepted as a Kirikas again. Could this exit from Days of Our Lives be his last with his death? If so, his heart could be a possibility to save Brady. The vengeful nature of Xander is so different from Daniel and Brady that he has spent his whole life being jealous instead of trying to be a member of the family.

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers, Nicole will be on her own to find the plane with Holly because Eric is trapped by Xander. The battle between the two will be fierce, but we know that Eric does make it back to Salem in one piece, as does both Nicole and Holly.

Days of Our Lives fans will remember that Arianne Zucker (Nicole) is filming her final days in Salem. The actress had decided not to renew her contract at the end of April but will continue filming through June to give Nicole a proper ending in Salem. With the lead time between filming and air date for Days of Our Lives, fans can expect at least a few more twists and turns for the character.

Paul at Brady's side, 'Days of Our Lives' promo shot.
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Whose heart do you think Brady will end up with? Will he have the same experiences as with Daniel’s heart where he sees things? Will Brady and Nicole grow apart after he gets this new heart? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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