Impeach Donald Trump Now, Say Nearly Half Of American Voters In New Poll

New poll shows nearly half of all Americans want Donald Trump impeached.

A new poll taken on May 12 through May 14 shows that almost half of all Americans currently support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Now, for the first time ever, the numbers of voters who would like to see Trump impeached are higher than those who say they would oppose impeachment proceedings, according to the poll.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) was the private firm responsible for carrying out Tuesday’s national survey which asked how voters stood on the issue of Donald Trump’s impeachment. The poll found that 48 percent of Americans believed Trump should be impeached, compared with 41 percent of Americans who stated that they were opposed to Trump’s impeachment, as Fortune reported.

Out of those surveyed in the poll, just 40 percent of Americans found themselves approving of the job that Donald Trump is doing in the White House with 54 percent disapproving. The survey also showed that fewer Americans now believe that Donald Trump will actually carry out his full four-year term as president with just 43 percent of voters believing he will finish his term and 45 percent believing that he will not serve the whole four-year term. It is unclear whether these 45 percent polled believe that Donald Trump will be impeached or willingly choose to leave the White House.

Protest outside the White House on May 10, 2017 after Trump fires James Comey.

Even though there have been calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment ever since he entered the White House, more Americans now are getting behind the Trump impeachment bandwagon. This is, in part, due to the latest saga when Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was in the middle of an FBI investigation on Russia’s influence over the 2016 US president election.

With nearly half of all Americans calling for Donald Trump to be impeached on this most recent poll, another new poll published on Wednesday taken by Morning Consult/POLITICO shows that just 42 percent of voters think Trump is doing a good job and approve of him compared with half of American voters who disapprove and find fault with Donald Trump’s performance as president, according to Salon.

Another recent event that has voters talking more about impeaching Donald Trump and may be influencing recent polls is the news that Trump is alleged to have shared classified Israeli intelligence when he had a recent meeting with Russian officials. There is also the report that Donald Trump had previously told FBI Director James Comey that he needed to end his investigation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Twitter saw a massive spike in Donald Trump impeachment posts on Tuesday, and the word “impeach” was found to have been spoken of in 107,313 tweets on May 16, as Vocativ reported.

“Uses of the word ‘impeachment’ hit a record high since January 20, the day Trump took office, being used in 161,955 tweets.”

There were more posts talking about impeaching Donald Trump on Tuesday than there have been since he officially took office on January 20 and May 16 marked the day that talk of Trump’s impeachment was at an all-time high. The hashtag #ImpeachTrump was found to have been used 60,000 times on Tuesday and the only day that the number has been higher was on May 10, which marks the day that Donald Trump dismissed James Comey as FBI Director.

Elected officials are also vocally speaking out now about beginning impeachment proceedings with Texas Rep. Al Green calling for Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday morning, as Time Magazine reported.

What do you think of the latest poll suggesting that nearly half of all Americans want to see Donald Trump impeached and do you agree or disagree that Trump should be impeached?

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