Jim Carrey’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Progresses, But He’s Not Taking Drugs To Prepare For A New Film [Debunked]

Jim Carrey is under fire as the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit blaming the comedian for his ex-girlfriend’s suicide progresses.

Jim Carrey has been in the spotlight lately, but not thanks to his new film projects (in fact, Carrey has starred in only two films since the release of 2014’s Dumb and Dumber sequel) but because of the ongoing court hearings investigating the suicide of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White.

New shocking court documents reveal quite a few things about Jim Carrey and his alleged involvement in her overdose on Ambien, Percocet, and Propranolol in September of 2015.

Jim Carrey has come under increased scrutiny over the past one and a half years, with the Sun revealing last September the alleged sexting between the comedian and his late girlfriend, as well as his alleged texts encouraging White to take pills.

Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Cathriona White, is suing Jim Carrey for wrongful death, accusing the Dumb and Dumber To actor of giving her daughter multiple STDs throughout their relationship – reportedly herpes type 1 and 2 as well as gonorrhea – and even blaming him for White’s suicide.

Sweetman alleges Jim Carrey gave White “fixers” to prevent her from going public about the STDs and that the drugs Carrey allegedly gave to his late ex-girlfriend caused her severe emotional pain in the months before her overdose.

Shocking court documents cited by Radar Online reveal that Sweetman is now demanding the judge to block Jim Carrey’s subpoenas over medical records in the wrongful death case.

Sweetman and Mark Burton, White’s estranged husband, allege in court documents that Jim Carrey sent multiple subpoenas to doctors who treated White over the years prior to her death. The actor even requested all medical records from December of 2011 to September of 2015.

While it’s unclear if Jim Carrey has managed to obtain White’s medical records, Sweetman and Burton claim that the subpoenas go against White’s right to privacy, physician-patient privilege, and psychotherapist-patient privilege.

Jim Carrey has strongly denied all accusations in the wrongful death lawsuit, claiming he never provided his late ex-girlfriend with drugs and that she actually stole them.

While the wrongful death case is expected to pull back the curtain on White’s death and whether Jim Carrey was responsible for her suicide, new developments in the case are expected in the coming months.

Sweetman is seeking general damages, as well as funeral and burial expenses and punitive damages.


The wrongful death case is not the only controversy surrounding drugs that has Jim Carrey in the center of it. Last month, the media caused quite a stir — and added more fuel to the ongoing wrongful death case against Carrey — after reporting that the comedian was taking drugs.

But Gossip Cop was quick to dismiss the rumor, quoting Jim Carrey’s spokesperson as saying the bogus report that originally appeared on McKennite.com was “absolutely false.”


The website, which is dedicated to psychedelic drugs advocate Terence McKenna, alleged that Jim Carrey had signed on to star in a biopic about the late McKenna. It even quoted Carrey as saying that he allegedly took five grams of dried mushrooms “in order to prepare for this role.”

“I’ve seen things which no human being has ever seen before, and no other human being will ever see again.”

But a rep for Jim Carrey confirmed that the report is “absolutely false” and that the actor is not starring in the McKenna biopic and not taking drugs to get into character. The bogus story was reportedly made up after Carrey grew a beard that made him look like McKenna.


The story about Jim Carrey’s involvement in White’s suicide is developing.

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