‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly And Sonny Reconcile As They Dig Deeper Into Morgan’s Death

General Hospital spoilers are teasing a tense week for Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard). Fans have been waiting forever for the Morgan (formerly Bryan Craig) storyline to progress, and it looks like that may finally happen. Last week, Andre (Anthony Montgomery) discovered the pill dosage was only half of what he had prescribed, and now he is on a mission to find out what happened to Morgan before he died. With all that has happened in Port Charles since Morgan died, getting some closure would be good for everyone.

Ava (Maura West) is the one who is at fault for Morgan’s death. She switched his pills for placebos, and because he was unmedicated, his decision-making skills were lacking. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly and Sonny will team up to take Ava down. Once Andre gets a lead on where the pills came from, it is game over for Ava. She has been worried about her misdeeds getting out, and now that the pills are in Andre’s hands, Ava should be leaving Port Charles. The General Hospital writers have been hinting at a possible reveal coming soon, and it looks like May sweeps may be it.


Carly and Sonny will have to work together in order to solve the mystery of the pills, which could turn out to be beneficial for both. General Hospital spoilers alluded to Sonny having a new love interest a while back, but there weren’t many details given. Martina (Daya Vaidya) arrived in town as Carly’s lawyer but ended up sleeping with Sonny. Ava is tied into this now, and it may be part of her demise. General Hospital fans are questioning how long Martina will be in Port Charles. If everything goes according to what rumors are hinting, the need for a divorce attorney may be dwindling.

The impending reconciliation between Carly and Sonny has been a game played over and over through the last decade. They are always caught up in the sweeps period, with this time being one of the more intense fallouts yet. General Hospital fans have been wondering whether Morgan would return to Port Charles. Bryan Craig left the role to pursue other things but recently won the Daytime Emmy for his role as Morgan Corinthos. Could the writers change the direction of killing off “CarSon” (Carly and Sonny) and reunite them for the sake of getting Ava to pay for her part in Morgan’s death? Anything is possible in the world of soaps, and with the General Hospital writers, you never know what to expect.


As Port Charles residents get ready for the Nurses Ball, Carly and Sonny will be working out their issues. He will be in attendance, and because the event is hosted at the hotel Carly owns, she will likely be there are well. General Hospital spoilers have revealed danger will be present at the Nurses Ball, but no details have been disclosed. This may be where Ava is called out for her role in Morgan’s death, especially because Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) knows exactly what happened. Things are going to move forward this week in an unexpected way.

With everything happening on General Hospital right now, there are some big things ahead for the show. Carly and Sonny are determined to split up, but that may not be what happens. Losing their son broke them apart, and instead of mourning together, they destroyed each other. After having separate affairs and trying to hurt one another, a reconciliation is something that appears to be in the future for one of the biggest General Hospital supercouples.

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