Chris Brown Returns To Twitter, Posts Provocative Instagram, Talks Rihanna

Somewhat inevitably, Chris Brown returned to Twitter last night.

He has yet to Tweet anything to his nearly 12 million followers, but it’s only a matter of time.

The 23-year-old singer deleted his account following a furious, escalating row with comedy writer Jenny Johnson after she referred to Brown’s 2009 assault on Rihanna online.

In between this not-so-fun-and-games, it’s also become increasingly clear that Brown and his former girlfriend are now very much back on.

Even before the 23-year-old rapper-singer-dancer left Twitter, he and Rihanna were pictured together at various nightspots soon after Brown ended his relationship with his then girlfriend and model, Karrueche Tran.

But it was the explosion of Instagrams from Brown’s and Rihanna’s accounts — and the latter’s tweets — that really told the world the combustible couple were back together.

First, Rihanna shared a shirtless picture of Brown lying on her bed. A copycat shot of the Bajan singer — also shirtless and from a London hotel room — followed.

Then, the couple spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin and pictures of both Brown and Rihanna with new Rolexes were posted online.

A full-on Instagram of Rihanna sitting suggestively on Brown’s lap after his “Carpe Diem” tour performance in Frankfurt last Thursday also hit the Internet last week.

Rihanna posted the shot to Brown’s Instrgram account tagged with the words, “I don’t wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!.” Even without addressing the status question, it was defiantly intimate.

While the pair clearly seem to enjoy stoking — or at least responding — to public comment about their relationship, Brown has now spoken up about his Billboard 200 album reigning sweetheart.

In a recent interview with Power 106 radio host “Big Boy,” Brown said that the couple were “working on their friendship.”

He added:

“As far as our personal life, I think people just got to give it a chance, or not even give it a chance, but shut the hell up. It’s me. At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain’t going to change nothing I’m doing.”

The latest Instagram sent by Brown on Sunday, December 2, was a shot of him smoking and a camouflage-attired Rihanna posing coquettishly behind.

Captioned with Brown’s question “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?,” it’s likely multiple social media users have already sent in replies.

So what do you make of Chris Brown and Rihanna’ relationship? Do you wish them well or do you think it’s a ticking bomb waiting to happen?

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