WWE News: Braun Strowman's Sister Is A Giant Herself, And Fans Are Amazed

The Monster Among Men has been decimating the WWE RAW roster so much that many wrestling fans have almost forgotten that he could be a normal human being too. A few days ago, Braun (Adam Scherr) was visited by his sister, Hannah, after performing for Monday Night RAW at the London O2 Arena. A photo of the siblings' backstage meeting, which was uploaded to Instagram, has managed to get the attention of numerous WWE fans, with many noticing Strowman's elusive human side and his sister's impressive height.

As stated in a Fightful report, the picture of the Scherr siblings looks just like any ordinary, everyday photograph of a brother and sister. That is, of course, until fans realized that Braun was wearing wrestling boots when the picture was taken, making him 6'8" tall. Since his sister seemed to be just about four inches shorter than the Monster Among Men, it appears that she must be around 6'4", especially since her outfit suggests that she was not wearing heels when the photograph was taken.

Considering that Strowman's dad was a 6'5", 320-pound softball pitcher nicknamed "Crusher," it appears that the tall gene definitely runs in the family. WWE fans have reacted with much fanfare over this revelation, with many of Braun and his sister's Instagram followers suggesting that Hannah dips her feet in professional wrestling as well. Alex Pawlowski of Fightful, for one, even stated that her background as the Monster Among Men's sister would be a perfect fit for the WWE, and it is something that Vince McMahon would likely not pass up.

Of course, the chances of Hannah entering the WWE are pretty slim, as the Monster's sister seems to be content living the normal life, as shown by her Instagram feed, which is filled with candid photos of her travels and the usual selfie. Thus, while the premise of a brother-sister tag team of unstoppable giants would definitely be an interesting concept for the WWE, such a thing might not happen, at least for now.

Apart from Hannah's height, numerous fans were also quite shocked to see the softer side of Strowman. Over the course of his tenure in the WWE, Braun has been depicted as a dangerous, angry individual that just decimates everyone in his path, according to a Sportskeeda report. Recently, Braun even got into the bad side of dedicated Roman Reigns fans, after the Monster Among Men laid waste to the Big Dog in a massive backstage beatdown that ended with Strowman toppling an ambulance with his bare hands.

Braun has always been one of the most dangerous men on the WWE roster, debuting as an ally of the Wyatt family and feuding with the Dudleys, as well as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. By the time Strowman was drafted to RAW, his solo career had begun to pick up, and his persona as the unstoppable monster was fully established, ultimately culminating in his recent feud with the Big Dog and possibly, even The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Strowman and Reigns' feud has been particularly intense, as the two wrestlers have taken it upon themselves to decimate each other in the ring. Their latest clash, which involved a pretty nasty encounter at WWE Payback, ended with Strowman completely crushing his rival. The Monster Among Men is currently injured, however, and is expected to be out of commission for about four to eight weeks.

While Strowman has managed to keep himself in character most of the time (his official WWE Twitter feed is particularly impressive), the recently uploaded Instagram photo with his sister Hannah is a simple reminder that behind all the kayfabe feuds and the outlandish characters, WWE Superstars are still just regular, albeit awesome people. If Hannah's post in any indication, it appears that she was introduced to other WWE stars in the RAW arena, as well, and she seems to have enjoyed every moment of it, thanks to her brother. For now, at least, the brother-sister photo is just about as close as fans could get to the man behind the monster.

[Featured Image by WWE]