'Clash Of Clans' Hack 2017: Free Gems Cheat Creating More Buzz Than May 2017 'Clash Of Clans' Update

A 2017 Clash of Clans hack seems to be drawing more attention than the upcoming May Clash of Clans update. Gamers seeking free gems and a way to cheat in the game have nearly taken over social media this weekend. That's not the only thing that the cheaters hope to gain from this illegal method of playing the game, as there is also a rumored way to keep opponents from being able to attack your village.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is a rather large download coming to the game before the end of the month. Referred to by most gamers as the May 2017 Clash of Clans update, it is supposed to give users several new ways to enjoy the game. Supercell hasn't given an exact date to when that COC update will take place, but in the report linked above, there are some heavy hints that have also received confirmation from forum moderators. Could it be the biggest Clash of Clans download yet and surpass the excitement that Clan Wars brought to users?

There was a report by the New Yorker in 2016 that showed how gems are an important component to the game. Those gems help users build faster, create troops faster, and level-up their villages at a much quicker rate than people who are not using gems. Getting a Town Hall that is as powerful as possible is one of the key ways to having an intimidating village within the game. Users can purchase those gems, but it can get expensive to just use the "geming" technique of advancement, no matter what the end results are for each person.

This is why there are constant posts on social media about new Clash of Clans hacks that enable users to cheat and gain more free gems. It's a practice that is illegal in one sense, but also against the fair-play guidelines from Supercell. Some people are just too lazy, impatient, or lacking any real skill at the game to advance on a level playing field. Gaining that advantage over other people by using cheats that help grant free gems is also a quick way to get kicked out of the game if Supercell employees figure out what a user has done.

Back in January of 2017, Supercell also admitted that there was a Clash of Clans forum hack that took place, possibly putting the accounts of 1.1 million users at risk. A report by Jason Murdock stated that Supercell developers were urging the Clash of Clans forum users to change their passwords in order to protect their accounts. A claim was made by the company running online security for Supercell that the vulnerability had been fixed, also providing a statement that the Clash of Clans hack had been addressed.

The boon of such online games like Clash of Clans is that it is free to play and that everyone is on a level playing field. Users can choose to purchase gems to speed up the process, giving the game makers millions in revenue every day. It is the impatience of waiting for something to build within the game that leads to users purchasing gems in order to speed things up. It is also that impatience that leads some people to take shortcuts, which is why any Clash of Clans hack that gets mentioned in the Supercell forums or on Twitter suddenly causes a lot of buzz for the game.

A warning that should come with any of the online links or Twitters posts advertising Clash of Clans hacks is that they could lead to unsecured websites waiting to place viruses or trojan horses on the computers, tablets, and phones of unsuspecting users. As with any game, there will be users looking to gain an advantage through any method at their disposal. For those gamers looking for a challenge, though, there is an upcoming Clash of Clans update that will give users something new from Supercell to play around with.

[Featured Image by Supercell]