Psy Says He’s Getting Tired Of ‘Gangnam Style’

South Korean rapper Psy (a.k.a. PSY) admits that even he is getting tired of the internet megahit “Gangnam Style” even though he has been understandably milking it for all its worth.

“Gangnam Style” recently claimed the title of most-watched YouTube video of all time away from Justin Bieber’s video “Baby.”

Psy, who has been making personal appearances in the US and all over the world as a result of the viral video, admitted in Singapore yesterday that he’s kind of getting tired of the whole thing. GMA News of the Philippines offered further details on Psy’s misgivings:

“Speaking at a news conference in Singapore ahead of a free performance for fans, the 34-year-old — clad in a black suit and his trademark sunglasses — was modest about his fame and said he was just another person doing his job.

” ‘Sometimes, honestly, yes I get tired or I get sick of it because I got so many requests to teach them, you know, like average let me say 50 requests per city, per country,’ said Psy …

” ‘I already taught the dance to so many people, so many times but still the dance takes me here, to make a press conference in Singapore, so of course sometimes I’m tired of it, but I got to do it, it’s my job,’ he added.

“He later performed the dance in front of cheering fans outside a Singapore landmark, the high-rise Marina Bay Sands casino complex.

“But Psy said that despite the many times he has performed the number, ‘I really like the dance still.’ “

In addition to everything else, Psy (Park Jae-Sang) has been nominated as Time magazine’s “person of the year” and is currently in fourth place.

Psy seems to understand that fame is fleeting, especially in the up-and-down world of the music industry, so he appears to have the right attitude. But if Psy is getting sick of “Gangnam Style,” where does that leave everyone else?