World War 3 Averted For Now As North Korea Ready To Speak With Trump Under Certain Conditions, Will He Agree?

The possibility of a World War 3 outbreak has never been as real as in 2017 due to the growing tensions between U.S. and North Korea. However, the latest statement from a North Korean diplomat give some hope of restoring normalcy in the world.

A senior North Korean Diplomat, Choe Son-hui told reporters on Saturday that Pyongyang will hold talks with U.S. under right conditions, as reported by the Independent. Choe is the director-general of the North America Bureau chief of North Korea’s foreign ministry.

Choe Son-hui was heading a delegation that met with a group of American experts led by Suzanne DiMaggio, in Oslo, Norway. She spoke with the reporters in Beijing before heading back to Pyongyang.

North Korean Ambassador Choe Son-hui
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The visit of the North Korean diplomat was an unofficial visit. Trump’s administration stated that Washington had nothing to do with the informal discussion. Notably, one former U.S. government official took part in the meeting.

The experts included Suzanne DiMaggio, who is known as Iran specialist due to his involvement in Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Middle Eastern nations. Thomas Pickering, a former U.S. envoy to the U.N., was also present at the meeting.

A U.S. State Department official said that this was “track-two” talks without any official recognition. It was further added that such meetings occur regularly around the world on several topics and have no involvement of the U.S. government.

Choe clarified that the fate of four American citizens detained in North Korea was not discussed in the meeting. She further added, “I met with Pickering, and I will discuss it when given the opportunity in the future.”

On the issue of discussion with South Korea, the diplomat said that they would prefer to wait and watch. Earlier, Moon Jae-in, the newly elected president of South Korea had expressed his willingness to visit North under the right conditions.

Trump administration has expressed their desire for diplomatic negotiations in the past provided that Pyongyang dismantles the nuclear program. The government has time and again called for economic sanctions to increase pressure on the hermit nation.

Donald Trump warned in an interview with Reuters in April that a “major, major conflict” with North Korea was possible, but his first preference would be to solve it diplomatically. At a later instance, Trump called Kin Jong-un a “Smart Cookie” and added that he would be honored to meet him.

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump informed the Chinese government that the U.S. was ready to talk with the North Korean leader in the U.S. provided that Pyongyang discontinues its nuclear program. China is a significant player in avoiding the World War 3 in North Korea due to its trade relations with the hermit nation, as reported by Financial Times.

Even though the diplomat’s statements provide some hope, there has been absolutely no change in North Korea’s stance on nuclear weapons. Their ambassador to the U.K. stated on Wednesday that Pyongyang would carry out a sixth nuclear test at an undisclosed time and place.

Donald Trump has pushed for stronger sanctions to force Kim Jong-un to abandon its nuclear program and bring him to the negotiating table. However, North Korea protested the sanctions by sending a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The letter warned that tougher sanctions would only result in a further proliferation of nuclear weapons. It remains to be seen how Donald Trump will react and agree to the conditions of North Korea.

Interestingly, the news of North Korea’s willingness to talk with Trump administration came on May 13, 2017. The World War 3 predictions by Horacio Villegas had given the same date as the starting day of WW3.

He had also claimed that Nostradamus’ predictions also supported his claims. It appears that the mystic who foretold Trump’s victory and Syrian bombing by the U.S. has made a mistake with North Korea and World War 3 predictions.

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