WWE Rumors: A Shield Reunion? As Roman Reigns And Seth Rollins Address The Crowd, What’s Next For The Big Dog?

One of the things that everyone loves — or loves to hate — about Roman Reigns is, he knows how to put on a show. And the latest WWE rumors suggest that the brass knows where that show is going next: to a Shield reunion, and to a face-off with Bray Wyatt. Now, since the WWE hasn’t issued any official statements about this, this information is just the subject of rumor, and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, if even some of these postulations are true, we could be seeing a very interesting career path for the young superstar, who is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about stars in the WWE today.

According to the latest WWE rumors from Sportskeeda, the reports about a Shield reunion began surfacing when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns appeared together to address the crowd in Paris, France. Many of the rumors of a Shield reunion were deemed unreliable, in the past, because Dean Ambrose — the third piece of the puzzle — was still on SmackDown Live. However, now that the WWE trade put Ambrose on the Monday Night Raw lineup, there’s a strong chance that the Shield will reunite sooner rather than later. And given that the WWE seems to love bringing back things “for old times’ sake” (see: Goldberg), there’s a good chance that a Shield reunion could mean ratings gold for the company.

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Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, Roman Reigns needs a new “feud” now that Braun Strowman is down with an injury. (What is it with these guys not being able to stay in the ring without hurting themselves?)

There are a few different options that the outlet suggests, but one of the strongest options for Reigns to battle against is, of course, Bray Wyatt.

“Wyatt, though a very strong merchandise seller during his peak, has been a victim of start-and-stop pushes that have killed his credibility as a top guy and his marketability as a top draw. Another feud with Reigns won’t change that, and if anything, will only make it worse. However, with Reigns in need of a victory (at least in WWE’s eyes) after losing to Strowman at Payback, Wyatt will likely be there to put over Reigns if creative indeed sticks with plans to do Reigns vs. Wyatt yet again. But with Raw hitting a 2017 ratings low for the second consecutive week and both of those shows featuring Wyatt in the main event segment, perhaps it’s best for WWE to go another route.”

Finally, the latest WWE rumors from Bleacher Report suggest that Roman Reigns and The Miz might be the next to face off against one another. And, as far as the outlet is concerned, that match — even though it’s a bit out of left field — would be one to watch.

“Suddenly, Raw is without its hottest commodity. A show already suffering from Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship being non-existent presences is in need of momentum. And Reigns is in need of a foil. The Miz standing opposite him would be a refreshing sight. WWE fans have only seen them battle in one-on-one action four times and only twice in the last two years, per CageMatch.net.”

So, wrestling fans — and Roman Reigns fans — now it’s your turn: what do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Who do you think will be Reigns’ next opponent?

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