Abby Lee Miller Hints At Return To ‘Dance Moms’ Following Her Eventual Release From Jail

Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller has been struggling to keep it together in the last few days after she was sentenced to one year and one day of jail time. Not only will she be serving in prison, she was also fined $40,000 and will be subjected to two years of supervision after her release. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Abby, at least in terms of her showbiz career, as she revealed in an exclusive interview with E! Online.

Asked what she’d do on the very first day she is released from jail 10 months from now, Abby said that someone already took an interest in having her featured in a “shoot.” Miller didn’t say what type of “shoot” exactly, but it’s fair to presume that she’s talking about an eventual return to Dance Moms.

“Someone’s already called me to be there to start saying, ‘Oh, shoot. We’re ready. We have cameras. We’re ready to go,'” Miller said.


Abby Lee Miller was also asked what it’s been like for her in the past few days following her court sentencing.

“It is surreal. How did a nice Catholic girl ended up going to prison for a year?” she said.

“And how do you answer that,” asked E! News‘ Jason Kennedy.

“Well, I made mistakes,” Abby admitted.

The former Dance Moms host was then asked if she would’ve been sentenced to serve time in jail if she weren’t famous.

“I have been told by many people in the judicial system that had I not been on a TV show I would’ve maybe gotten a letter in the mail.”


Miller also explained her “let’s go to lunch” remark she had directed at the federal judge during court proceedings. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the federal judge took Abby Lee Miller’s remark for insolence and as a result allegedly gave her a harsher punishment for it.

“What I meant by that was that I would love to go and sit down with her and tell her my story from beginning to end, and I think she would’ve had a little bit different take,” she said.

Asked if she was able to get a shut-eye considering the chaos that swirled around her in the past few days, Miller said she had not slept at all, just before breaking down in tears.

When the subject of the criticisms about her came up, Abby said that she doesn’t need sympathy, pointing out that she’s always had a ton of critics and haters and that they don’t bother her in the least.

When asked if she’s concerned about her safety inside the jail, Miller said that it will be discussed upfront, although she revealed the authorities aren’t likely to give her special considerations during her stay in prison.

Abby Lee Miller performs with her star students at the Nickelodeon Awards show. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Why Abby Lee Miller is going to jail

On Tuesday, the former Dance Moms host was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison due to bankruptcy fraud charges, to which she pleaded guilty.

The reality star was charged for fraud in October 2015 after she allegedly hid $775,000 worth of income earned from her Dance Moms reality TV show. Abby filed for bankruptcy in December 2010 while having $400,000 worth of taxes.

In January of this year, Abby Lee Miller pleaded guilty to the charge and surrendered $120,000 in Australian currency that she smuggled into the U.S.

“Throughout this case, Ms. Miller has taken both the allegations and the proceedings very seriously,” her attorney, Robert Ridge told People magazine “This has been a challenging time for Ms. Miller. She appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world.”

Lifetime’s Dance Moms is into its seventh season, but most fans presume that the reality show is on its last legs on account of Abby’s legal issues. Miller hinted in an emotional Instagram post that the show is about to end.

“5 years of my life, seven seasons on TV in 130 Countries — I did my best for Lifetime and gave my all to the production of*+ Dance Moms+(! Thank you for the many wonderful opportunities and the valuable lessons I learned,” Miller said.

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