Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Escapes On Electric Cart [Video]

The Katt Williams slap just adds another piece to the strange saga. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Katt Williams led police officers on a merry chase through Sacramento driving a three-wheeled motorcycle. Police officers eventually called off the chase, fearing for public safety. But then apparently Katt Williams entered a Target retail store, only to slap an employee and escape on an electric cart.

The reason for the Katt Williams slap is not yet known, but since when did Katt Williams need a reason to do anything these days?

Katt Williams has tore off his clothes in public, initiated fights with audiences, pulled guns on actors, and started night club brawls.

And that’s probably just the stuff that has made the news!

According to TMZ, the Katt Williams slap was precipitated by an argument with a Target employee at the cash register.

The Target security feed video has no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about, but if you watch the video it appears the Target employee was not looking for a fight with Katt Williams. Unlike many security video feeds, the Katt Williams slap Target security video is in full color and is amazingly fluid. There is no time lag in-between frames so we can see the action in all its un-glory.

The Katt Williams slap comes out of nowhere. Fortunately, this did not lead to a fight. The Target employee keeps his calm, pulls out his cell phone, and calls the police.

The Katt Williams slap is not the most bizarre part of this episode. Following the slap, Katt Williams hangs around for a while before making his getaway…escaping with an electric cart!

According to sources at the Target store, Katt Williams ditched the electric cart for his three-wheeled motorcycle before police could arrive. Katt Williams was not arrested for the incident and the Yolo County DA’s office says the Katt Williams slap case is currently under review with no charges yet being filed against the comedian.