‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Smashes Valentin Watch, Curtis Discovers Hidden Bug

General Hospital spoilers say Thursday, May 11 is the day that Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) treachery is exposed, and it’s Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) who uncover that she’s been spying on Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). All it takes to uncover the betrayal is Nina walking out on her husband and day drinking at the Metro Court, according to General Hospital spoilers.

Nina Leaves Valentin Again

As Thursday’s General Hospital begins, Valentin tries to get Nina to stay with him at Wyndemere, but she’s had enough. On Wednesday’s GH, Nina asked her husband if he had been sleeping with Anna and he said, “no,” but when she asked if he wanted to sleep with Anna, he hesitated before saying “no” a second time. That lengthy pause broke their marriage.


To be fair, we know from General Hospital history that Valentin had a speech impediment when he was younger. Was this what caused the Greek to hesitate or was that a subliminal psychological slip because Valentin does want to bed down with Anna again? Either way, Nina walks out on Valentin again today, and this time it seems permanent. Anna listens with interest as this all goes down.

Nina Drowns Her Worries In Booze

After walking out on Valentin and swearing this time it’s for good, Nina heads over to the Metro Court bar to drown her sorrows, according to General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows. Nina is morose because Anna kicked her butt the other day when Nina told her to stay away from Valentin, and now the British spy has stalked her way into ruining their marriage.


In reality, Nina has no idea just how devious are the depths to which Anna has sunk to finagle her way into Valentin’s life. Fortunately for Nina, she won’t be drinking alone. Crimson’s corporate private investigator Curtis catches up with Nina at the bar, and it’s a good thing the hunk find her. Curtis is a good friend to Nina, and he proves this again on Thursday’s General Hospital.

Watch Smashed, Secrets Revealed

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina walked out of her marriage with an important souvenir, which is the watch that Anna gifted Valentin. We saw from GH flashback scenes that Anna hoodwinked Valentin by sewing a listening device into the band. Valentin was suspicious when Anna gifted him the watch, so he had the workings checked out, but not the band where the real problem is hidden.


With Curtis at her side, Nina gets progressively drunker today. General Hospital spoilers say she smashes Valentin’s watch in anger and then everything changes. Curtis is stunned that Nina wrecked the expensive watch, but something catches his eye in the remains of the timepiece. Curtis notices the listening device and shows it to Nina, who is stunned that Anna has been eavesdropping on them.

Anna Exposed As Alex, All Heck Breaks Loose

Nina is extremely jealous of Anna, as we know from General Hospital spoilers. However, it’s not Anna that is the problem in Nina’s marriage. The reveal is coming soon, according to new General Hospital spoilers from this week’s issue of Soap Opera Digest, that Alex Devane (Finola Hughes) has taken her sister’s place and is the one harassing Valentin and stalking him and his wife, Nina.


There seems little doubt that Nina will expose Anna’s treachery to Valentin, as we see in recent General Hospital spoilers. At first, neither Nina nor Valentin will realize Anna’s twin sister, Alexandra Devane from All My Children, has taken her place, but the truth will spill out soon. Even though it’s clear Anna-Alex has been playing Valentin for a fool, that probably won’t change Nina’s dim outlook on her marriage.

The Thursday, May 11 episode of General Hospital kickstarts this reveal of Alex Devane in Anna’s place and the illegal surveillance of Nina and Valentin. It’s thanks to Nina’s drunken, sad antics at the bar and her friend Curtis that these bad deeds are exposed, according to these General Hospital spoilers.


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