Kailyn Lowry Should Prepare Herself For More Hate: The Sad Situation Of Her Unborn Child

Kailyn Lowry wanted to share her pregnancy news with the world a few months ago and she wanted to share the news in hopes of getting support from her Teen Mom 2 fans. She revealed that she was pregnant because she only had so much time to have another baby and she chose to do this on her own. However, people used her decision against her and the amount of hate she has received has been downright shocking.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry recently posted another photo of herself, showing off her baby bump. And this photo was taken while she was in California. Even though the picture doesn’t include Isaac or Lincoln, some people felt it was appropriate to say things about her children, including how she should stop having kids, as she isn’t providing them with a traditional life.


“3 kids and 3 different daddies lol and people say that’s what latinas and black females do. Thank you for showing the world white girls are ratchet,” one person wrote to Lowry, mocking her for having a third child with a third man.

Of course, Kailyn isn’t the only Teen Mom star to have three children by three different men. Jenelle Evans recently welcomed her third child, a daughter, into the world by a third man. Interestingly, she hasn’t faced the same harsh criticism that Lowry has over the past couple of months and this may be due to Lowry’s decision to have the child on her own.

“I can’t believe she’s having that dudes 11th kid she’s a f**king joke!!!” one person wrote about Chris Lopez, the father of her third child.

Lowry hasn’t really talked about the baby’s father and it is possible he is merely a sperm donor. Maybe he wants nothing to do with the baby, but it is also possible that this was an arrangement between the two.


“Why? Does her having children put a burden on you financially or in any physical or emotional way? Oh ok she can have as many as she wants,” one person wrote in defense of Kailyn based on some of the harsh comments that were left on her social media page, while another chimed in with, “Who are you to tell someone to stop having kids? She is a Damm good mother and supports her boys!”

It sounds like it would be wise for Lowry to prepare herself for even more hate from her social media fans. The baby hasn’t even been born yet and people are already writing mean things to her about the baby and her decision to have the child on her own. Kailyn has revealed that she wanted to have this child because her doctor told her that she wouldn’t be able to have a child in the future and this child would be a high-risk pregnancy.

The sad situation is that this baby, even though it is coming into this world as a completely innocent child, will be subject to hateful comments. People will write that the baby has a horrible mother, that Kailyn is doing a horrible job, and the child’s father will be bashed on social media. Even though she has gone through a lot already in terms of online hate, she should prepare herself for even more hurtful comments. But she does have some loyal followers who understand her decision.

“I literally just watched your 16 and pregnant episode and cried the entire time. Your doing a great job! You should be very proud of yourself. Coming from a young mother I can relate to your story. Keep up the good work,” one person wrote in support of Kailyn Lowry, while another added, “I’m predicting girl! Do you have a gut feeling either way? I was Terrified to have a little girl, but last year I had a baby girl and it’s amazing. Can’t imagine it any other way. Wishing you and baby good health and happiness!”

Are you surprised that Kailyn Lowry is facing so many hateful comments from the viewers?

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