WWE News: Daniel Bryan Confirms He Is Going To Wrestle And Reveals When That Will Happen

Daniel Bryan is the current general manager of SmackDown Live, and he’s doing a great job at the position. However, fans really want to know if he will ever wrestle again. Some believe that ship may have sailed and that his injuries simply won’t allow him back in the ring. Additionally, he might not want to risk things after just having a baby. Still, Bryan has now confirmed that he will be wrestling again, and he even revealed when that will happen.

It has been more than a year since the soon-to-be 35-year-old Daniel Bryan retired from WWE and all of wrestling. His injuries just proved to be too much, and WWE doctors would never officially clear him to perform again. That led to him having a different role in the company.

Still, as time has gone on, Bryan has said from time-to-time that he would like to be an in-ring competitor once again. He has kept himself in shape and hoped that his comeback would be possible one day or another.

Well, it looks as if he not only will wrestle again, but he also knows when it is going to happen.

wwe news daniel bryan wrestle again brie bella baby birdie contract

More than a month after WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, an interview that Bryan did with Inside the Ropes has started making the rounds. In that interview, he was asked if he was still planning to return to the ring to wrestle again, and his answer was quite interesting.

Of course, his first concern is how healthy he is and “how my wife feels my health is.” Bryan went on to say that he does “live to wrestle” and if his health is good, then, he’s “gonna go wrestle.” They are waiting to see how everything is with his body, but not until his contract expires.

He knows it is unlikely the doctors in WWE will ever clear him to wrestle, and that is why he only plans on staying with the company if he feels he isn’t healthy enough to wrestle elsewhere.

“Yeah, and that’s – I understand why they won’t let me wrestle. It’s a liability thing and they’re trying to protect me and that sort of thing.

“But there’s good reason to believe that I should be able to wrestle and that sort of thing. So we’ll see in a year and a half what happens.”

Daniel Bryan isn’t putting any blame on WWE for not allowing him back in the ring as he knows they are just looking out for his well-being. Once his contract is up, though, he could move on and be cleared by independent doctors to try and become a champion somewhere else.

wwe news daniel bryan wrestle again brie bella baby birdie contract

By Bryan saying a “year and a half” for his contract as of the beginning of April, that means it is possible he could be wrestling again by October of 2018. Again, it is all dependent on his health and if his family feels the risk is worth the thrill.

As reported by the official website of WWE, Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, just had a baby girl on Tuesday evening. There is a lot more to think about now and another person to consider when contemplating a return to the ring.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have a great “family” in WWE, and they are taken care of by a company that wants them around. While all of that is great, the desire to wrestle again may simply be too much for the former world champion to pass up.

If Daniel Bryan were to never step foot in a ring as an active wrestler again, he could still be overly proud of his career. He achieved so many things before arriving in WWE and after landing in Vince McMahon’s company. Now, he has a great spot with the promotion, a new baby with wife Brie Bella, and things seem to be going well. Still, Daniel Bryan is going to wrestle again one day and prove that he’s always a wrestler.

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