‘iZombie’ Season 4 Is A No-Brainer As Season 3 Finale Is Changed To Accommodate The Renewal

It seems like Season 3 of the CW Network’s iZombie has only just started, but the network has just renewed the popular zombies series for Season 4 according to their official Twitter account.


While this is considered the official announcement for Season 4 of iZombie, the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, had previously gone on record with Entertainment Weekly in regard to the future of the show. In an interview with EW, Thomas revealed the Season 3 finale of iZombie was recently changed to accommodate Season 4. As a result, Season 3 will end on a likely cliffhanger. However, fans need not worry as the cliffhanger will be resolved “pretty early in season 4.”

When pressed further about Season 4, Thomas revealed he was “confident” about the CW Network renewing iZombie for Season 4. Of course, a day later, the CW Network had confirmed the Season 4 renewal via their iZombie Twitter account.

As for where Season 3 will go in regard to setting the show up for the next season, Thomas admits the Season 3 finale of iZombie will be a “reset,” but refused to give away any other details in fear of spoiling upcoming plans for Season 4.

“The season 3 finale is a pretty major reset of the show, so I feel like if I said anything about season 4, I would be giving away the cool stuff that we want to surprise people with in the finale of season 3.”

CW Network, 'iZombie,' Season 4 renewal
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However, for those hoping Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) zombie virus cure will happen anytime soon, Thomas suggests the success of the cure is not conductive to a continuation of iZombie. In other words, as soon as the cure works, iZombie becomes redundant as a series.

“If there is ever a cure where things go well, it seems like the show will be over. I don’t think we could cure Liv Moore until we’re ready to do our final episode.”

Prior to the news iZombie has been renewed for Season 4, the CW Network confirmed renewal for several of their other shows in an announcement at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday according to Entertainment Weekly.

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin all have the greenlight for new seasons.

“Over the past several seasons, The CW has built a schedule of proven performers, from our lineup of DC superheroes, to critically acclaimed comedies, to sci-fi dramas,” CW Network President Mark Pedowitz revealed.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season, and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long.”

However, along with the exciting news of these renewals, there was the inevitable news of cancellations for some of the CW Network’s lineup.

Frequency and No Tomorrow will not be renewed by CW network. According to Entertainment Weekly, “both have been axed by the network after low-rated debut seasons.”

CW Network's 'iZombie' is renewed for Season 4
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Frequency averaged 1.5 million viewers, while No Tomorrow had 1 million. Currently, iZombie is consistently rating just below these numbers. The last episode of iZombie Season 3 (titled “Some Like it Hot Mess”) averaged 970,000 viewers according to TV By The Numbers. This number is relatively consistent with statistics for viewership for previous weeks’ episodes of iZombie Season 3. Although, an episode that saw Liv eat the brain of a mindfulness instructor saw ratings drop to its lowest Season 3 ratings so far, with only 750,000 fans tuning in to see Liv get zen in Episode 3 (titled “Eat, Pray, Liv”) according to the previous week’s TV By The Numbers article.

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Season 3 of iZombie currently airs on the CW Network every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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