‘My 600-LB Life’ June And Dottie Photos: See How Tragic Losses Affected Pair In ‘Where Are They Now’ Special

My 600-LB Life looks at two tragic cases this week, and viewers will now get to see pictures of Dottie Perkins and June McCamey after the show to see if they could continue losing weight through personal turmoil.

This week’s My 600-LB Life: Where Are They Now? episode explores the cases of two women who lost children and shows how they dealt with the aftermath. For Dottie, she is dealing with the recent loss of her first-born son, Daniel. As Monsters and Critics noted, Daniel passed away after Dottie first appeared on My 600-LB-Life and threatened to put a halt to the weight-loss efforts she took on the show.

It was already a difficult journey for Dottie, and it got a lot more difficult after her son’s death.

“When Dottie appeared on the show last year she told viewers that a lack of attention from her mother and a food addiction got her into a terrible place,” the report noted. “She needed a mobility scooter to just go to the market. Her obesity also affected her two sons Daniel, born with cerebral palsy, and later Landon. Compounding her weight-gain issues was the fact she was separated from Daniel’s father and was left as his only round-the-clock carer.”


The tragic setback of Daniel’s 2016 death came after an already difficult family life for Dottie. As Dottie’s sister, Delacy, explained during the first appearance on the show, Dottie has struggled with overeating since she was a child. Delacy recalled that Dottie loved sweets and would sneak boxes of Girl Scout cookies into her room to eat — boxes that she was supposed to be selling.

Delacy added that Dottie’s upbringing was also quite difficult. Their mother entered Delacy into beauty pageants, leaving Dottie to feel like she was the “ugly sister.”

“Every child has that want and that need to be loved by their mother,” Delacy said (via the Daily Mail). “But that is just something that Dottie didn’t grow up with.”

June McCamey also came to My 600-LB Life after the tragic death of her son, who was 17 when he was shot to death. That strained June’s relationship with her young daughter, who was forced to become something of a caretaker to her mother as June continued to overeat and gain weight.

As June explained in her first appearance on the show, she had slowly lost her ability to do everyday things like cleaning and taking care of herself.

“When we first got together, I was much more mobile. Now I feel like she is taking care of me like I’m a kid,” June said (via the Daily Mail).

While the circumstances are tragic, the story has a happy update, and it appears that June made some significant progress. The My 600-LB Life star has been sharing plenty of weight-loss pictures across social media, though many are close to a year old now, and her most recent progress is still not fully known.


Viewers watching the My 600-LB Life: Where Are They Now? special are likely looking for pictures of Dottie and June to see if they continued to lose weight after the show. As usual, TLC is keeping close wraps on the episode, and the two women featured in the weight-loss reveal is saved for Wednesday’s episode.

There are some ways to see pictures of Dottie and June after appearing on My 600-LB Life: Where Are They Now? TLC has some galleries of their weight-loss journeys, with Dottie’s available here and June’s pictures here. And the full episode of My 600-LB Life featuring June and Dottie can also be found on the show’s page here.

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