‘American Idol’ 2018 Reboot: Kelly Clarkson As Judge, Ryan Seacrest To Host? [Report]


American Idol debuted in the summer of 2002 on the Fox Television Network. At the time, it was co-hosted by Brian Dunkleman and Ryan Seacrest. The show’s auditions brought in more than 10,000 contestants. The judges — originally Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell — carefully selected 121 individuals to compete for a record contract, money, and fame.

Taking after the popular British show, Pop Idol, the American reality series American Idol was the first of its kind in the United States. After the debut of the show, American Idol became one of the most-viewed shows on television, resulting in a number of spin-offs. The show ran from 2002 to 2016, when it was canceled for declining ratings. The final episode aired in April of 2016.

ABC has signed a contract with FremantleMedia for the rights to the popular singing show and announced their plans to reboot the competition on Tuesday’s Good Morning America episode.


The American Idol reboot is said to be scheduled during the 2017-2018 season. At this time, there is no definitive mention of a premier date. TMZ reported that ABC is seeking a March 2018 premiere of the American Idol reboot. It is rumored that ABC could possibly place the show in their struggling Sunday night slot.

ABC’s first choice for a judge on the 2018 American Idol reboot is Kelly Clarkson, who won the first season of the hit show. TMZ reported that Kelly Clarkson is not only interested in joining the cast, but has also begun clearing her schedule.


It has also been reported that the show will begin filming in Disney World and potentially Disneyland. This is a huge change in American Idol’s format, which originally sent its cast from city to city for auditions. ABC is contemplating making a change to the twice a week format as well, which will either create a combined competition and elimination showing, or a week of competition followed by a week of eliminations.

Ryan Seacrest has recently joined up with ABC as the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. According to TV Guide, Kelly Ripa adamantly wants Seacrest to sign on to host the American Idol reboot. Ryan didn’t decline the option, however, he still has not officially agreed to join the cast. He is currently under contract with the ABC network and is considering his options. On Monday’s Live, Ryan indicated that he is “open to the possibility” of hosting the American Idol reboot.


In an exclusive report, TMZ stated the following.

“We’ve heard ABC is considering a once a week format where results from voting will go down the following week. That will make it easier for the judge and the host, who will almost certainly be Ryan Seacrest.”

The New York Times reported that the days of 30 million viewers have long passed, and networks are looking for ways to thrive. The ratings for television networks have been declining, and many are turning to reboots of once-popular television shows or series in an effort to regain views. Fox, in particular, has been bringing back shows such as 24 and Prison Break in an effort to fill the void that American Idol left.


Fox is not the only network turning to reboots. In fact, Will and Grace is returning to NBC, and Rosanne is rumored to be returning with new seasons on ABC as well. The CW listened to what Smallville fans had to say, and a reboot for the show is coming out in the fall.


Some shows like The Mindy Project have found new life quickly after network cancellation, on Hulu or CMT. It is uncommon for a television show, such as American Idol, to be revived from the dead so soon after it’s cancellation. ABC signed the contract, believing that they could breathe new life into the show by placing it alongside Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor.

Although the ratings for the popular singing competition were declining, American Idol still averaged 11 million viewers in its final season. Even with competition from shows such as The Voice, it was still one of the top-rated shows for viewers under age 50. Many believe that the show still had some life in it as it was taken off the air and is worthy of a reboot.

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