‘Little People, Big World’ Son Jacob Roloff Visits Mom Amy, Proves Rumors Of Feud Are False

Rumors that there is trouble among the LittlePeople, Big World family are just that: rumors. This is what Amy Roloff wants to tell the family’s fans by posting a photo of the sweet reunion she had just recently with her youngest son Jacob.

Jacob Roloff is being portrayed by tabloids as the family’s rebel and black sheep. The 20-year-old has not regularly appeared on Little People, Big World for about two years now. Just recently, Jacob’s latest blog post about their hit reality series caused a stir, as he brazenly exposed the show as “staged.”

However, it would seem that Mommy Amy has no ill feelings towards Jacob. In the photo Amy posted on Instagram last Tuesday, she is seen smiling with her youngest boy and his girlfriend Isabel. She narrated on the caption that Jacob and Isabel spent two weeks with her before going on their prolonged road trip.

“It was so wonderful to have these two, Jacob and Isabel, hanging out at my house for about two weeks bf they headed out on their road trip. A sense of adventure and discovering their purpose. They’ll be back soon. He wants to see his nephew that’ll be arriving soon.”

Jacob and Isabel are currently traveling in what Amy described as an adventure towards self-discovery. Jacob regularly posts photos of the places he visits and it looks like he and Isabel are currently in Colorado. Based on the gorgeous pictures, it looks like the two have also been to the Rocky Mountains, Twin Lakes, and Yellowstone National Park.

Despite his decision not to appear on LPBW, Jacob has started his own video blog, showing snippets of his road trip and travels. Zach Roloff also seems to support Jacob’s life choices. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zach recently posted a photo of Jacob and Isabel on their truck while getting ready for their road trip.

“So my brother Jacob outfitted his truck with his girlfriend Isabel for the road trip of a lifetime. Super jealous of them!” Zach wrote in the caption.

Jacob’s controversial blog post did spark controversies of hate within the Roloff household. However, it could also be taken as a young person’s way of expressing himself and finding out his own identity. Jacob also admitted that he has indeed acted as a brat in the past, and is regretful of such actions and emotions.

He concluded by saying he has no negative feelings towards his parents and their TLC reality show.

“This realization is how I’ve come to let go of all bitterness in recent years towards both my parents and the production company, as if they had robbed me of normalcy…I don’t really have concrete negative or positive thoughts on my past, but rather a bottomless bag of goodies to reflect on and relate to my interests at present.”

It’s good to see that Little People, Big World family is tight as ever. After all, they are in a very exciting season in their lives. Zach and Tori are expecting their first child this month. Jeremy and Audrey are also pregnant with their first baby, due later this year.

In last night’s episode of Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori were seen dealing with pregnancy. Tori expressed her difficulty with her growing belly and even admitted that she doesn’t like the feeling of being pregnant.

“I always thought I was going to be that zen woman that’s just like, ‘Pregnancy is amazing and I love it!'” Tori said in a confessional. “[I thought] I was just going to adore being pregnant. And no, I don’t.”

Tori is lucky to have an amazing husband in Zach, who was seen helping her in every way–even putting on shoes for Tori.

“I think it’s been a teamwork learning process,” the soon-to-be father said. “I have to be attentive. I want to help her, I want to be there for her, try to make her as comfortable as possible.”

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff also mentioned on her Instagram post that Jacob will be back with the family in time for the arrival of Zach’s baby. For sure, LPBW fans will be thrilled to see that heartwarming family reunion when it happens!

Little People, Big World Season 13 airs every Tuesday on TLC.

[Featured Image by Amy J Roloff/Instagram]