WWE News: Roman Reigns Next Feud For 'WWE Extreme Rules' Revealed Following Braun Strowman's Injury

In light of Braun Strowman's legitimate elbow injury, WWE officials have been forced to rework most of the creative plans for Raw heading into WWE Extreme Rules, and the following is what the powers that be have planned going forward. Before Strowman's injury, he was expected to have the rubber match of his rivalry with Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules, which would have launched him into a feud with Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar versus Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship at the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV in July seemed to be the plan heading into the summer. However, those plans are now kaput because "The Monster Among Men" is expected to be out of action with an elbow injury for the next two months. Now, there's a lot of speculation about what WWE officials will be doing in Strowman's absence over the next few months.

The WWE Universe is curious how the powers that be will find another feud for Roman Reigns. Who will be facing Lesnar at WWE Great Balls of Fire for the WWE Universal Championship? More than anything, the fans want to know how Strowman's injury will change creative plans for other WWE Superstars as well. As of this writing, there is a new report claiming that WWE is planning the following for Raw going forward.

Bray Wyatt Will Feud With Roman Reigns Following Braun Strowman Injury
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It's being reported that Roman Reigns will be entering into a short-term rivalry with Bray Wyatt. They have a lot of history together from their previous rivalry, but the WWE Universe will be more upset because they thought Wyatt was moving towards a feud with Finn Balor soon. Unfortunately, creative plans are changing after Strowman's injury, and Balor vs. Wyatt will be one of the scrapped feuds for the foreseeable future.

It's likely that rivalry will resume after Strowman returns in a few months, but WWE officials feel that a feud between Reigns and Wyatt is the right way to go for now. On paper, Wyatt will likely lose a few big matches to Roman in order to keep his momentum for the continuation of the feud with Strowman in two months. A lot of people aren't going to be happy about that, but it seems like the best WWE officials can do right now.

Now we know Roman Reigns will feud with Bray Wyatt, but there are still some big questions to answer. For instance, who will replace Strowman at WWE Great Balls of Fire in the match with Brock Lesnar? Also, who will Finn Balor be feuding with on Raw now that his anticipated rivalry with Bray Wyatt has been scrapped?

Finn Balor Will Replace Braun Strowman at WWE Great Balls of Fire
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It's being said that Finn Balor will be replacing Braun Strowman at WWE Great Balls of Fire and will finally receive his rematch for the WWE Universal Championship at the PPV. Recently, it was reported that Brock Lesnar was not scheduled for WWE Extreme Rules. However, that may not be the case any longer in light of Braun Strowman's injury, especially if WWE officials want to push Balor vs. Lesnar sooner rather than later.

There is no question that "The Beast" versus "The Demon" is a big money match for WWE. It's expected to be the biggest selling point for WWE Great Balls of Fire, but Lesnar's schedule will likely need to change for the next few months. On paper, he wasn't expected to return to WWE programming at all until a few weeks before the PPV. If he doesn't return to Raw soon, Balor will need another short-term rivalry for television.

WWE officials have been forced to make some big changes to their plans heading into WWE Extreme Rules, but the powers that be just need to make the best decision possible in an unfortunate situation. Apparently, Reigns vs. Wyatt and Balor vs. Lesnar is the direction they want to go in over the next few months. Now, the WWE Universe needs to wait for next week's Raw to see how the new rivalries begin on WWE television.

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