Fans, Colleagues, And Enemies React To Abby Lee Miller Serving Prison Time

Just a few hours ago, former Dance Moms head honcho Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to more than a year in prison for committing fraud. Despite all of her best efforts to the contrary, she was unable to prevent the judge from sentencing her to prison.

But what was most interesting about Abby Lee Miller’s sentence wasn’t that it included jail time — because, really, who’s surprised by that? — but the fact that so many people were actually rejoicing about the fact that she was going to prison.

Now isn’t that a kick in the pants!

Abby Lee Miller: ‘I’m at peace’ with the decision

According to TribLive, when Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year and a day for fraud, there were some people in the courtroom that she otherwise may not have wanted to see — namely, Christi Lukasiak (and her daughter, Chloe), along with Kelly Hyland and her daughters, Brooke and Paige.

We’ll recall that they left the show in 2014 due to disputes with Miller.

So needless to say, they weren’t in court to show her support.

“Two former cast members of the Lifetime reality TV show Dance Moms attended a sentencing hearing Monday in Abby Lee Miller’s bankruptcy fraud case, but they said they weren’t there to support the show’s former star. ‘I’m here supporting the government,’ Christi Lukasiak told the Trib at U.S. District Court, Downtown. ‘Because I’m a tax-paying citizen in Pittsburgh.'”

If that isn’t stone cold, nothing is!

Fortunately, it seems like there are more than a few people that are in support of Abby Lee Miller, even as she goes off to prison.

On Twitter, many expressed their support for the reality star.

If @PhaedraParks and Abby Lee Miller were male billionaires, they’d have been made president

— Millennial Democrats (@Millennial_Dems) May 9, 2017

What’s interesting is that Abby Lee Miller has a supporter in an unlikely source: Rosie O’Donnell!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the former stand-up comedian and talk show host is interested in bringing Abby Lee Miller’s story to Broadway, and play her on stage!

“On Tuesday, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year in federal prison on bankruptcy fraud charges. O’Donnell shared the news on Twitter, noting that she wants to play the reality star. The comedian wrote, ‘Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to one in year in prison for fraud AND I WANT TO STAR IN THE MUSICAL. #BWAY.'”

Regardless of whether the Abby Lee Miller story makes it to the Great White Way, it’s highly likely that she’ll have to serve her entire sentence, as she was sentenced in federal prison, and it’s rare to get time off for good behavior.

And while there’s no word about Abby Lee Miller returning to Dance Moms when she gets out of jail, it seems like the door on this has closed for good.

[Featured Image by Keith Srakocic/AP Images]