Huge ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena’s Return Is Confirmed!

The rumors have been brewing for a while, and it has now been confirmed that Helena Cassadine is still alive and returning to General Hospital. Today the show went to their Facebook page and shared the details that Helena is coming back. This is after it was announced a while back that she was dead, but you know that nobody is ever really dead on a soap opera. Helena left several things to people in Port Charles, and it really did seem that she was finally dead. Helena is seen in a new preview for General Hospital, and all that she says in the preview is, “You know, Port Charles is a very mysterious place. You never know who’s going to come on.” That is not enough of a clue for fans to figure out what she has planned.

The preview doesn’t confirm very much, just that Helena Cassadine is coming back to Port Charles once again. Celeb Dirty Laundry did have a few more details about her return. Everyone knows that Jason Morgan was headed to Cassadine Island to try and figure out why his son Jake was afraid of him. He knows that he was the scarecrow, but not exactly what Jake saw him do or how bad it really was for him while there. Of course, going to Cassadine Island during May sweeps on General Hospital is going to be more than just a simple trip. It sounds like Helena will be back for the big Nurse’s Ball, which is the perfect time for the drama to heat up in Port Charles. Spencer Cassadine is also supposed to be in town for the ball. Fans are excited to see the little boy return, but hope that he is safe with Helena in town. The show has changed a lot without Nikolas and Spencer around.


Valentine Cassadine hates Helena along with everyone else in Port Charles. The idea of these two going head to head is going to be an epic showdown for sure. This will be everyone against Helena because it is going to be really hard for her to find anyone on her side. Helena does love her grandchildren, so that is the one good thing she has going for her. Maybe she will at least protect them if she can do it.

As of right now, there has been no confirmation that Nikolas Cassadine is back from the dead, but the speculation is running wild. This would be the perfect time for him to show back up in Port Charles as well. This would really shake things up for the Nurse’s Ball, and May sweeps on General Hospital. There is a lot going on right now in Port Charles.

Robin Scorpio will also return for the Nurse’s Ball as usual. The fact that she is back on General Hospital at the same time as Helena Cassadine has everyone curious why. There is some way that Helena was able to escape death once again, and the fans want to know how she pulled this off. Robin is one of the few people who could do the research and figure out a way for her to avoid death. Hopefully, Robin will have some answers at least. It is possible that someone will end up taking her life for real this time around.


Are you shocked to hear that Helena Cassadine is coming back to General Hospital? Do you think the show is making a mistake? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. The May sweeps are just now heating up and you do not want to miss seeing how it all turns out in Port Charles.

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