Bay Village Teacher Kara Donahoe Arrested, Accused Of Showing Up To Class Drunk

A Bay Village teacher, Kara Donahoe, was arrested last Thursday after being accused of showing up to her classroom drunk, according to News 5 Cleveland. When another teacher suspected the 31-year-old of being under the influence during school hours, she alerted school officials, who asked Donahoe if they could test her to make certain.

After Donahoe refused to be tested for alcohol, administrators at the Bay Village Middle School in Ohio contacted the Bay Village Police Department.

When responding officers arrived at the school where Donahoe worked as an intervention specialist for special needs children, they issued Donahoe a sobriety test, which determined that the teacher was drunk when she showed up to her classroom.

The Bay Village teacher was arrested at the Bay Village Middle School and charged with disorderly conduct and intoxication.

According to the Bay City School District files, Donahoe began working as a teacher at Bay Village Middle less than a year ago. Before joining the Bay Village Middle School staff, the teacher signed a Board of Education policy agreement, which states as follows.

“A professional staff member shall not inappropriately associate with students at any time in a manner which may give the appearance of impropriety… such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco.”

Just last week, a 27-year-old Sapulpa elementary teacher was arrested after police officials found heroin inside of her purse. The arrest came after Megan Sloan forgot to log out of her Facebook account, leading another teacher at Holmes Park Elementary School to read her messages.

That teacher reported her findings and the school administrators called the Sapulpa Police Department. When officers arrived at the school, Sloan admitted to “pawning two iPads that belonged to the school district and using money from field trips for gas and drugs.”

When officers searched the Sapulpa teacher’s purse, they discovered “syringes and substances that tested positive for meth and heroin.” Sloan was arrested and charged with “embezzlement, three counts of possession of controlled drugs within 1,000 feet of a public institution, and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Following Sloan’s arrest, Sapulpa Public School’s assistant superintendent Johnny Bilby released the following statement.

“We are working closely and cooperating with Sapulpa Police to investigate this matter fully and resolve it.”

According to the Bay Village School’s website, it states as follows.

“Kara Donahoe will serve as an intervention specialist at Bay Middle School. She holds a bachelor’s degree in special education with a minor in language arts from Michigan State University and licensure as an intervention specialist from Ashland University. She enjoys coaching lacrosse, traveling and walking her dog. She will be married in June to a Bay High graduate. ‘I became a teacher to encourage and engage students, and to help them be successful members of today’s society,’ she said.”

It was reported that Donahoe’s neighbors were shocked after learning that the Bay Village teacher was arrested for allegedly being drunk in class. One neighbor stated that the teacher seemed “happily engaged, and she just moved into the Bay Village area about six months ago with her fiancé.”

The Bay Village teacher recently got engaged and she is expected to be married to John Lieske on June 24, according to her wedding registry.

The Bay City School District released a statement following the Bay Village teacher’s arrest, stating that Donahoe had been placed on administrative leave and she is no longer teaching at Bay Village Middle School while “the case is under review.”

The Bay Village teacher, who does not have a criminal background, will be facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court at an unspecified date.

[Featured Image by Bay Village Police]