‘Fairy Tail’ Ending Soon? Mangaka Hiro Mashima’s Message Indicates Popular Manga Will End In About Two Volumes

Hiro HashimaKodansha Comics

Hiro Mashima, the creator of Japanese manga Fairy Tail, has reportedly indicated the series will end soon. Accordingly, he appears to have mapped out Fairy Tail‘s culmination. Yonkou Productions took to Twitter to reveal the plans about the series. Mashima even allegedly revealed what he intends to do after bringing Fairy Tail to its logical conclusion.

Fairy Tail, an immensely popular Japanese manga by mangaka Hiro Mashima, had to end sometime. Although the series hasn’t been running long, it did complete a decade last August. While manga Fairy Tail might not have a long running time as compared to other popular series like One Piece, it has always been full of surprises and epic battles. Surprisingly, fans of manga One Piece had begun grumbling about the exhaustive nature of the series, but apparently it’s Fairy Tail that has its end in sight.

Three years after Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, a movie based on the popular manga hit Japanese theaters on May 6. As expected, the movie has received a very strong and overwhelming response from fans of the series. In order to maintain the euphoria about the movie, the makers had been steadily releasing information on social media platforms. The official website of the movie was routinely updated as well. As expected, mangaka Mashima’s accounts have been quite active during the time.

In a shocking revelation, Yonkou Productions posted an image of a postscript that indicated how the mangaka intended to wrap up manga Fairy Tail. The author of the series even revealed what he plans to do once Fairy Tail concludes.


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Although Mashima hasn’t specifically revealed how and when Fairy Tail ends, he did reveal the series will run for two more volumes. Fairy Tail is currently in the “Alvarez Empire” arc, which witnessed the appointment of Erza Scarlet as the Seventh Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild. Although the mangaka hasn’t explicitly indicated, it is possible that the previous master, Makarov Dreyar, may soon pass on the baton to Erza. The members of the Fairy Tail Guild are nearly done with one of the bloodiest battles they had ever been in the history of the series. However, with Natsu engaged with Zeref, who managed to master the ultimate magic and became a White Wizard, the protagonist’s life appears to be in jeopardy. Fortunately, Natsu, who recently transformed in Etherious Natsu Dragneel or E.N.D., has his friends, Lucy and Gray. The duo currently controls Natsu’s fate.

In the image of an elaborate and presumably heartfelt statement, Mashima clearly mentioned, “Fairy Tail will be completed in about 2 more volumes.” With almost a hundred chapters, the “Alvarez Empire” is certainly one of the longest. Incidentally, there’s no consistency about the number of chapters in each of the arcs. Hence it is not clear how long Fairy Tail will actually last. Still, with two more volumes to go, fans are hoping manga Fairy Tail could entertain them for an entire year before ending.

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