WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champion Reveals What He Hates About NXT

NXT has really developed into its own promotion and brand more than just being a developmental territory for WWE, and it is a great place for new talent and veterans to wrestle. While young up-and-coming superstars hope to make it onto the WWE main roster one day, there are veterans who are working their way back there as well. One former Intercontinental Champion, though, has just started in NXT, and he wants everyone to know what he hates about it.

At NXT Takeover: Orlando last month, the man formerly known as Drew Galloway was seen sitting at ringside. As a former world champion in TNA Impact Wrestling, it was rather shocking to see him there, but fans knew what was coming, and that was the return of Drew McIntyre.

Not long after being seen on camera, McIntyre revealed he had signed with WWE again, and he made his NXT debut on April 12. Since then, he has picked up some pretty big victories and is looking forward to bigger and better things, but all in NXT.

wwe news drew mcintyre galloway hate nxt
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Yes, the ultimate goal of everyone in NXT is to make it to the WWE main roster, but McIntyre is sick of hearing superstars talk that way. In fact, he spoke with the official website of WWE and let it be known that he actually hates that part of NXT.

In regard to superstars “jumping ship” from NXT to Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, he wanted everyone to know they are already at the top. NXT is a great brand, and he is sick of people saying that leaving the promotion is how you can elevate your career.

“The way I see it, I need people to stop thinking of it as ‘moving up,’ That’s the only thing I see with the roster and perhaps the fans is the perception that moving a brand is moving up. I don’t see it that way. These people are so, so talented.”

There is very little doubt that NXT has more than its fair share of talented superstars and the promotion has seen so many called to the WWE main roster. Just a quick look at the list of call-ups is impressive as it includes Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, The Revival, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and so many more.

NXT really is no longer simply the developmental territory for WWE that OVW and FCW were. NXT is its own brand, and Drew McIntyre is proud to be a part of the roster, and he looks forward to winning the highest title in the brand as well.

wwe news drew mcintyre galloway hate nxt
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It is going to be interesting to see where McIntyre goes from here after a very successful run in TNA Impact Wrestling. As a part of NXT, he has the opportunity to have great matches with Bobby Roode, Hideo Itami, and a number of other talented superstars.

There will likely be a day when he is called back to the WWE main roster, but McIntyre doesn’t want to look at it as being “called up.” He simply wants to see it as switching brands.

Drew McIntyre (Galloway) was seen as the “Chosen One” during his initial WWE run, but it turned into him being a member of 3MB and jobbing to everyone. Then, he ended up in TNA Impact Wrestling, where he became world champion and had a really great run with the company. Now, he’s in NXT and loving it, but he wants all superstars to know that it isn’t just a stepping stone to WWE. NXT is its own brand, and they should be proud to perform in NXT rings.

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