Mariah Carey Wants James Packer Back? Realizes She Has ‘Something Special’ With Billionaire Ex, Sources Claim

Mariah Carey reportedly wants to rekindle her short-lived romance with billionaire ex, James Packer. The songstress is allegedly keen on winning back the casino mogul, realizing that what they had was “something special.”

Amid endless rumors that Mariah Carey might be getting back together with ex-husband Nick Cannon, it has now been alleged that the multi-awarded diva wants to rekindle romance with James Packer.

According to reports, the 48-year-old singer has been contemplating reuniting with rich ex-fiancé ever since she split with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. Apparently, the breakup made Mariah “yearn” for the Aussie billionaire.

“Being with (Bryan) made her see she has something special with James.”

“She’s told pals she wants him back… Bryan was just a rebound fling to get over James,” a source revealed.

Mariah Carey reportedly wants James Packer back. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

It can be recalled that Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka called it quits last month with the diva pulling the plug. The former couple has been together for almost five months before things started to look bleak. Apparently, Mariah decided to put a halt to their whirlwind romance due to Bryan’s “spending habits” and “insane jealousy.”

As previously reported, the sudden split was triggered by Bryan Tanaka’s jealousy over the singer’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon. There were also reports claiming that Mariah Carey grew sick and tired of “footing the bills” for the young backup dancer.

Reports claimed that the singer felt like she was taken advantage of, especially when it comes to Bryan Tanaka’s lavish lifestyle. Apparently, Mariah Carey has been shelling out a huge amount of money for his extravagant style including designer chains, watches, and shoes. There were even claims that Tanaka expected his now ex-girlfriend to buy whatever his heart desired regardless of its price.

It has also been revealed that the 33-year-old backup dancer has been “insanely jealous” over Mariah Carey’s ex-husband. The former couple has been doing quite well in keeping a united front for their six-year-old twins — Moroccan and Moore. Mariah and Nick would spend time together with the kids, which allegedly did not sit well with Bryan.

The last straw for their relationship took place when Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took their twins at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Rumors claimed that Bryan Tanaka felt that the display “disrespected” him. There were even claims that he demanded the diva to come home and ditch the event.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey was also rumored to be in better terms with ex-husband Nick Cannon. There were claims that reconciliation is highly possible for the former couple, especially since they have twins together.

Sources revealed that the two are spending more time together and getting along great. The source also noted that the singer is “great” around the host and that getting back together permanently is something that might happen soon.

“There seems to be hope that they will get back together permanently.”

Mariah Carey recently told Entertainment Tonight that what they do right now is all for the sake of their children.

“We’re together when it counts. We’re together for the kids. And I think that’s the most important thing. We both love kids and we’re co-parenting because that’s the only way to do it.”

Although the former couple has not officially confirmed that getting back together is a possibility, Nick Cannon’s admission that Mariah Carey is still his “dream girl” makes avid fans of the couple remain hopeful.

“I love her, I adore her, that’s always going to be my dream girl but I think as mature adults I think we just operate better with the way things are right now. I mean, friends at the end of the day and beyond friends, we’re family, you know what I mean?”

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