Shaquille O’Neal Plans To Run For Sheriff In 2020, Will Election Be A Slam Dunk?

His campaign slogan apparently will be “Shaq for Sheriff–back to the old school.”

“The 7-foot star — who has uncles who were police officers and has idolized their roles since his teen years — was sworn in as an honorary deputy in Clayton County, Georgia last December…and as a reserve police officer at departments in California, Florida and Arizona. Most of the roles he’s served have been appointed to him but before he takes on the position as sheriff he will have to be elected,” the Daily Mail noted.

In addition, Shaq’s stepfather was a sergeant in the U.S. Army.

With Sheriff Shaq on the scene, it seems unlikely that any suspect would be noncompliant.

Last September during an appearance on Fox & Friends, O’Neal diplomatically expressed an opinion about the Colin Kaepernick take-a-knee National Anthem protest.

“I mean to each his own; it’s something I wouldn’t do. His comments were there were injustices. There’s always been injustices. Me personally, I would probably go about it a different way…I don’t know Colin, but again, to each is own. I don’t really have a say on it but I would never do that. My father was a military man, and he protected this country — uncles are in law enforcement, they go out and work hard every day. Just, you know, there are other ways to get your point across.”

Would you vote for Shaquille O’Neal for sheriff if he was a candidate in your county?

[Featured Image by Alan Diaz/AP Images]