On ‘Southern Charm’ Shep Gets Shocking News From His Doctor About His Liver Values, What Does This Mean?


The following article includes spoilers from tonight’s episode of Southern Charm

Last week on Southern Charm, Shep headed to Dr. Billy, Thomas Ravenel’s doctor, because the day after his 37th birthday, he got winded shooting hoops with Austen. We learned that Shep’s dad had a heart attack in his thirties, so sure, it was a good idea to head in for a check up, kind of a state of the union for the star of Southern Charm. Shep was asked about his drinking and smoking habits, and it’s likely that the questions about marijuana and other drugs were edited out (no need for Patricia to worry that Shep was going to end up working with Whitney’s uncle at the Blockbuster). but all joking aside, even before getting Shep’s bloodwork back, Dr. Billy was concerned about Shep’s alcohol consumption.

Considering that the episode of tonight’s Southern Charm is called “To Liver Die,” it was safe to assume going in that all was not kosher with Shep’s bloodwork. Dr. Billy explained that Shep’s bad cholesterol and his liver values were up, and they were higher than his comfort level would allow. Dr. Billy says this is an “uncomfortable dialogue” to have but gave it to Shep as straight as one can share private medical information on television.

“You don’t have liver failure right now, but it’s a little inflamed.”

On past episodes of Southern Charm, Shep has joked about his liver being angry at him, and it looks like he was right, because Shep’s liver is ticked off about its marinated state. Dr. Billy suggests that Shep take a break from drinking, perhaps to give it a week, and see how he feels. But let’s face it, nearly every scene involves some brunch drinking, day drinking, or evening drinking on Southern Charm, so Shep didn’t have a lot of options if he wanted to dry out for a week, but still be sociable. Well, at this time on Southern Charm, Shep has one option: Kathryn Dennis, who has also chosen to live clean.

Shep and Kathryn decide to make plans, presumably for lunch, after her yoga class, but Shep asks if he can come. One Shep, twelve women? This living clean thing was starting to look pretty nice, like shooting fish in a barrel.

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But all joking aside, on tonight’s Southern Charm, Shep looked pretty stressed when Dr. Billy told him about his liver enzymes, but come on, nobody can drink “12 or 13” drinks each night and not pay the price at some point. But Shep is lucky because of all organ values to stress, your liver can regenerate.


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Alcoholrehab says that the liver is the body’s garbage can, and so alcohol and drugs make for a rotten garbage can. And it’s possible that the elevated liver levels and the role the liver plays in digestion could be what is causing Shep’s bad cholesterol levels to be high. The site lays out the functions of the liver.

  • It makes special proteins that the body needs for blood clotting and processing fats during food digestion.
  • It stores glycogen which can later be used by the body to produce energy.
  • This organ also stores vitamins and minerals including iron, copper, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.
  • The liver plays a vital role in removing toxins from the body. If these toxins are not removed, the individual will become very sick.
  • This organ is also responsible for drug metabolism.

But the site agrees with Southern Charm’s Dr. Billy that if Shep takes a break from alcohol for a bit and then reduces the amount that he drinks, he can bounce back. But if there is no change, Shep can expect dire consequences.

“An individual who is abusing alcohol may exhibit an isolated rise in GGT. This enzyme should return to normal levels in the blood stream if the person stops drinking for a few weeks. A rise in AST and ALT could indicate alcoholic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver.”

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Were you surprised that Shep was surprised by the liver function results on tonight’s Southern Charm? Do you think that Shep will reduce his level of partying? Let us know below.

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