‘Return To Amish’ Star Jeremiah Raber’s Wife Carmela Reveals A Secret Past, Is Her Family In Trouble?

TLC’s reality show Breaking Amish was a surprise hit when it premiered back in 2012. TLC treated us to three seasons of Breaking Amish as they tracked the trials and tribulations faced by members of the Amish and Mennonite communities, who were uprooted from their simple lifestyles and dropped into major cities like New York. As reported by IMDb, Return To Amish is a spin-off that debuted in 2014, and it tracks the fortunes of many of those same people as they attempt to reintegrate into the Amish lifestyle.

Jeremiah Raber is Return To Amish’s resident bad-boy, and he built on that unwanted reputation in the days before Return To Amish returned to our screens last week. Jeremiah is now married to his second wife, Carmela Raber. According to Blasting News, the couple met on Facebook and went on to marry in April of last year. They also claim that the couple short marriage is already in deep trouble after Carmela had Jeremiah arrested on domestic violence charges.

The Daily Mail reports that Carmela told police that Jeremiah had threatened her, struck her with a closed fist, and poured hot coffee into her lap. According to law enforcement officers who attended the scene in Florida, Carmela had “several large bruises on her arms and leg”‘ and told cops that Jeremiah beat her “on a daily basis.”

Jeremiah Raber initially insisted that there were “two sides to every story,” and claimed that he could prove his innocence. Starcasm later reported that Jeremiah had issued a public apology to Carmela, and revealed that he wanted their marriage to work. Jeremiah said that he had not treated Carmela “with the respect she deserves” and promised to undergo counseling to curb his violent behavior. Carmela appeared to have been in a forgiving mood, as she took to Facebook to say that she would do everything she could to rescue her marriage to Jeremiah.

So, What Is Carmela Raber’s Secret Past, What’s The Story?

Fans of Return to Amish will be aware that that not all the shows stars were raised in the Amish tradition. The Amish are a strict Christian church fellowship, who are known for simple living, plain clothing and a lifestyle that largely rejects modern conveniences. The Amish are also pacifists and live a lifestyle that has been compared to a cult. Members of the Amish community who do not conform to a lifestyle they interpret as living according to God’s word, are excommunicated and may be shunned.

Carmela Raber was not brought up in the Amish tradition, but she recently revealed that she was brought up in a cult. According to Blasting News, Carmela told a TLC interviewer that she was brought up in a strict cult, one whose leader was fascinated by the end of the world. Carmela did not name the cult, but she says that this was “one of the reasons” that she fell in love with Jeremiah Raber.

Carmela claims that their shared strict upbringing was something that brought her and Jeremiah closer together. While many fans of Return To Amish will take Carmela’s revelations at face value, others point to the lack of details about the cult, as reason to be skeptical of her claims.

As mentioned earlier Carmela Raber is Jeremiah’s second wife. Carmela is believed to have been aware, that Jeremiah had been convicted of domestic abuse against his first wife. Carmela has apparently told the TLC interviewer, that she is not concerned about Jeremiah’s violent past, and that she does not want to “hear any more” about the subject. Carmela is believed to have separated from Jeremiah after he reportedly assaulted her. Doubtless, future episodes of Return To Amish will tell us whether Carmela and Jeremiah are reconciled.

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