Surface Pro 5 Release Date On Microsoft Event On May 23 Not Happening, Here’s Why

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 unveiled

Ever since Microsoft announced an event on May 23, many just assumed that it will be unveiling the Surface Pro 5 then. However, that might not be the case, according to an executive.

There Is No Surface Pro 5, Microsoft Exec Says

In an interview with CNET, Surface chief Panos Panay heavily hinted that a successor may not be coming soon. It has been a year and a half since the Pro 4 was released, but Microsoft has intended for it to be remain competitive for five years. Thus, despite what rumors say, the company may not be ready at all to reveal a new Surface Pro 5. It will be coming when the company can offer what Panay calls a “meaningful change” that does not necessarily mean an upgrade in specs.

Microsoft exec Panos Panay with the Surface Laptop

Although the trend nowadays is to annually release a successor fitted with the latest processor and technology, it seems that Microsoft is not following this route. The chief says that he is looking for an “experiential change” that not only means an updated specification sheet but also something that makes a significant change in product line.

His exact words say that there no such thing as a Pro 5. At face value, this means that a follow-up to the 2-in-1 tablet is not arriving soon. If looked at in another angle, this can also mean that the successor will not be called the Surface Pro 5. But considering his other statements, the former possibility is more likely.

So What Will We See On Microsoft’s Event?

This does not answer what’s coming on May 23 though. With the #Surface hashtag, we know that Microsoft will reveal a new device under that brand. Just a few days ago, we saw the Surface laptop catered to the educational sector. The rumor mill is churning out a Surface Book 2 reveal, which would not really be a surprise.

A report from the Inquisitr also explored the possibility of Microsoft finally unveiling the Surface Phone. Although the handset has been rumored for years now, the company has yet to officially confirm that it is working on it. Yet, many believe that it is actively developing the device, which eventually leads to the belief that 2017 is definitely the year that it will be revealed.

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Microsoft is teasing that it will show what’s coming next, but the world is still in the dark as to what the company is referring to. Some rumors suggest that an all-new device is arriving, which could be a phone that is different than the smartphones today.

In line with the teaser, the Surface Phone is rumored to be a foldable device that is the next step in the evolution of smartphones. Satya Nadella sort of confirms this as he previously revealed that the Surface Phone may not even look like the traditional smartphone when it is finally released.

The patents spotted by fans reveal that Microsoft is playing with a foldable device, which is a hybrid between a smartphone and tablet. Although it could be a different handeset altogether, it is linked to the Surface Phone simply because the brand is known for introducing 2-in-1 gadgets.

The Pro, for example, is a tablet that can act as a laptop and the Book, is a laptop with a detachable screen, which then acts as a tablet. It is highly possible that the Surface Phone will also be like its cousins. Thus, many believe that it is definitely going to be a foldable smartphone that is described in the patents.

Nevertheless, we can’t say for sure what is coming on May 23 in Shanghai. As it is only a couple of weeks from now, we won’t have to wait for a long time to see what else Microsoft is cooking up aside from the Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop unveiled on May 2.

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