Tyga Preparing Travis Scott Diss Track Amid Kylie Jenner Romance: Involving Kanye West In Feud?

Maurice Cassidy

Tyga is so furious about Kylie Jenner's romance with Travis Scott, he's now wanting to challenge the rapper out on a rap battle to see who comes out on top in the end.

Things couldn't be more uncomfortable for Tyga right now — not only because his relationship with Kylie has come to an end, but that she had to date somebody that's on the same label as the "Rack City" hitmaker.

Travis and Tyga are both signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music, so there's an understanding why the father-of-one would now be upset about the situation.

— Rap-Up (@RapUp) May 5, 2017

Tyga feels that Kanye may end up favoring Travis Scott and make him a priority because of the relationship he now shares with Kylie, and if that was to be the case, Tyga would absolutely lose his mind — he wouldn't be able to cope if that was to happen.

According to Hollywood Life, instead of wondering whether Kanye could potentially side with Travis because he's dating Kylie, Tyga wants to organize a rap battle between himself and the 25-year-old, hoping that the person who comes out on top has all of West's support.

Tyga wants to organize this rap battle with the end goal being that the winner becomes the priority over at GOOD Music. He's been waiting for years to finally put some new music out, so the last thing Tyga would want now is to be blacklisted because he's no longer with Kylie, and Travis Scott's career is already looking promising.

— News Headquarter (@newshqtoday) April 27, 2017

"And whoever wins gets Kanye's full on support and all the financial backing of the label to work on a new album. Tyga's got this! He wants everybody on the label to be present at the battle so they can witness him straight up unleash mad vocals on Travis and kill him like Remy did Nicki."

With the close relationship Tyga has built over at GOOD Music, as revealed by The Fader, he hopes that Kanye West will be open to being just as supportive of his career as with Travis'.

— BeatingBeats Music (@beatingbeats) April 27, 2017

"Tyga wants to spit mad venom on Travis for taking Kylie and for making him look like he's less than a man in her family's eyes. Scott [Disick] has always gotten along with Tyga and has been encouraging Kanye to keep him on his label. Scott doesn't want to see his friend get iced out of the family cause he and Kylie are on the outs."

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