Update: OnePlus 5 Release Date And Specs Confirmed?

More and more details about the OnePlus 5’s specs and release date are being confirmed, much to the delight of fans waiting to upgrade their current handsets. As a cheap alternative to the Galaxy S8, many in the mobile community are awaiting its launch and judging by the latest leaks, it will not disappoint.

OnePlus 5 Name Explained

It seems that there’s more to the OnePlus 5 name than it was thought. Previous rumors about its moniker believed that the Chinese company is simply skipping the number 4 due to the superstitions surrounding it. While that is a factor, another reason why the smartphone maker went ahead to number 5 is that a good percentage of the staff reportedly likes a former NBA player named Robert Horry.

Robert Horry inspired OnePlus 5 name
[Image by Bill Kostron/AP Images]

Paintings of the NBA player adorn OnePlus’ Shenzhen offices, proving the love that this company has for Horry who has a jersey numbered five. This also inspired the moniker of the next flagship, reported News18.

OnePlus 5 Specs Leaked

Moving on to more interesting news, OnePlus 5’s specs have been leaked. Apart from a Snapdragon 835 chip, a post by Kumamoto Technology on Weibo revealed that the upcoming mobile phone will also have 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, which are in line with the rumors. Another variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, though may appear later on, said Android Authority.

Other specs that were mentioned in the leak include a 3,600 mAh battery with Dash Charge technology and a fingerprint scanner on the front. The latter means that OnePlus 5 will not feature a full display front unlike the Galaxy S8.

Good news is that OnePlus 5 will likely add a dual-camera set-up at the back. It will be placed horizontally and not vertically as previously believed. It was not mentioned, but the headphone jack is still expected to be on the next smartphone.

OnePlus 5 Release Date Hinted

Following the leak of OnePlus 5’s specifications is what appears to be a confirmation of its release date. Before, the mobile community only speculated when it might be revealed, with several rumors pointing to May and June.

The latest leak corroborates the latter rumor, which seems to be enough for some people to believe it. It comes from OppoMart’s website, which listed the smartphone with a release date in June and a price of $449. If the planned date is in the later part of that month, then it is also in line with the Verge reports that states that OnePlus has exclusively confirmed the arrival of its next flagship this summer.

The listing on the retailer’s website also confirms the specs mentioned above with the addition of a 12-megapixel rear dual-camera and 8-megapixel front snapper. One thing that is off with this is that the photo that is shown sports vertical dual cameras, whereas the specs leak discussed above specifically mentioned that the feature will be arranged horizontally.

With these conflicting reports, fans cannot be sure right now which one to believe. But the OnePlus 5 is releasing soon, so industry observers do not need to wait much longer to confirm which leak is legit.

OnePlus 5 Teased By CEO

Fans are not the only ones excited about the release of the OnePlus 5. The company, in a post shared on Weibo, said that they are working without break to make a “big surprise” soon. CEO Pete Lau re-shared the said post with the words “carry on!” and the hashtag #NeverSettle.

They could only refer to the OnePlus 5, so the anticipation for it is even higher now. With the slew of leaks that reveal a high-specced phone with an unbelievably low price, the next flagship is shaping up to be a serious Samsung Galaxy S8 competitor.

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