Josh Duggar To Appear In Court This May, To Return On ‘Counting On’ Amid Messed Up Work

Josh Duggar is set to appear in court on May 15 to face the lawsuit filed against him by Matthew McCarthy. The DJ accused the disgraced reality TV star of stealing his photos and using them to create profiles on dating websites. The eldest of the Duggar family was served with a summons back in March to appear in Los Angeles court this month.

But how is Josh doing now before his court appearance? It’s been about two years since the molestation scandal Josh got entangled with, but the issue just wouldn’t die. The scandal, which led to the cancellation of his family’s reality TV 19 Kids and Counting, is still haunting Josh even as he is out of the spotlight.

He was recently spotted looking unkempt with a bearded face and added weight. Fans speculate that he is stressed, particularly when a report about him not doing well at work came out. A report from Radar Online said he experienced theft when he allowed a client to test drive a car but never returned. Josh allegedly forgot to get his driver’s license.

As reports surface about Josh messing up at work as a car dealer, rumors that he might join Counting On, the Duggar family’s spinoff show, also emerge. The lawsuits he is facing and the possibility of losing his job while his wife Anna is pregnant are reportedly taking their toll on the family’s financial status. So he needs an alternative to his daytime job.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were previously reported to be keeping their son, and even Anna, away from the public eye. Although, the Duggar family recently went into a Christian camp, as they hope to slowly bring back Josh to the spotlight.

Counting On Season 2 finished airing last February. Reports say Season 3 is already in the works and might be released in summer. If rumors about Josh’s return turned out to be true, the show might feature Anna Duggar’s pregnancy with their fifth child, and how the two are making their marriage survive despite the scandal and divorce rumors left and right. Will featuring Josh and Anna help the show with so much hate still lingering around? Perhaps, given people’s interest in the family.

Two years ago, Josh Duggar admitted to molesting girls as a teen, including some of his own sisters. He was also involved in the Ashley Madison scandal, where he also admitted to cheating on his wife. After that, he went into a Christian rehab. The family was able to return to TV through Counting On, featuring the lives of his sisters, Jill and Jessa. His other siblings also became the focus, particularly when Jinger went into a courtship with Jeremy Vuolo, got engaged and eventually married.

Meanwhile, Josiah’s ex-girlfriend, Marjorie Jackson, throws shades at the Duggar family in her newly released book Devoted: A Girl’s 31-Day Guide to Good Living With a Great God, per The Hollywood Gossip. While she did not do it directly, there were parts in her book that pertain to the sex scandal Josh got into, in a subtle way. She emphasized why sexual chastity is important, saying “seems that purity sticks out loudly more than ever in a world where anything and everything goes.”

“Those words we text, e-mail, write and post on social media… God sees it all,” Marjorie added. “Jesus never excluded any of our methods of communication.”

Marjorie and Josiah entered into a courtship, but unlike the rest of the Duggar courtships, it fell apart. Fans speculate Josh’s scandal also contributed to why Josiah and Marjorie’s courtship did not proceed to engagement and marriage.

What do you think of Josh’s possible return to the Duggar’s reality TV show?

[Featured Image by Danny Johnston/AP Images]