June 29, 2017
‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Manga Chapter 216: Diane And King’s Love, Rou’s Death And His Reincarnation Revealed?

Chapter 216 of the popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins continues with the positive undertone set by the previous chapter. After the gruesome events outlined in the earlier chapters, it is possible that Nanatsu no Taizai mangaka Nakaba Suzuki is trying to indicate good always triumphs over evil.

Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 216 spoilers/recap and Chapter 217 speculations ahead

Chapter 215 of The Seven Deadly Sins was quite positive in its narration. However, the chapter did mark the arrival of Zeldoris, who calls himself "The Executioner." A representative of the Demon King himself, he was able to immobilize the Giant King with a single blow. Moreover, he managed to seal King Dolor's magic. Although Zeldoris promised that the king's powers will be returned to him, he forced him to join the Ten Commandments. Moreover, Zeldoris threatened that failure to make a choice would result in the Giant King's death. However, before the king was forced to make a choice, Diane woke up.

Diane's awakening was rather strange. However, she explained that she ran away before making a decision. If that's not all, Diane even shared a loving kiss with the king. The Seven Deadly Sins had ended the previous chapter with a very loving and intimate cliffhanger.

Chapter 216 of Nanatsu no Taizai opens with the king waking up due to the eager slurping and licking of a giant dog-like creature. Interestingly, the king is quite familiar with the creature, and addresses it as "Oslow." The king claims he was dreaming about Diane and the kiss they shared. He is quite embarrassed when Diane confirms that it wasn't a dream, and that they had indeed shared a kiss. As expected, the king is quite flummoxed about the abrupt show of intimacy, despite awkwardly acknowledging that he was happy about the same. Apparently, the show of affection had caused the king to pass out.


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Diane reveals that she kissed the king for keeping a promise he made about 200 years ago. Realizing the king's confusion, Diane reminds him about the promise the king made to her about coming back no matter what. As expected, the king is quite surprised that Diane remembers the promise. Quite a few chapters earlier, Diane's precious memories were robbed from her by Gowther, and her recollection of the promise is proof that her memories have been returned to her. Diane reveals that Gowther apologized for robbing her memories and returned them to her. She even claims that the two Gowthers aren't as bad as the king assumes they are.

Chapter 216 of The Seven Deadly Sins finally confirms the underlying emotional attachment that Gowther claimed he felt when he was talking with the Giant King in earlier chapters. Diane openly admits that she has, and always will, love the king. Shyly, Diane asks the king if he feels the same way about her. The king confirms that he loves her and will always be by her side.

The current chapter also confirms a beautiful transformation that the king is undergoing. His bare back has begun to sprout wings. Fortunately, the king welcomes the change, and claims that now that he has wings on his back, he could finally become a great Fairy King.

After gaining the ability to fly, the king wonders where Gloxinia is. Diane leads the way, while Oslow energetically follows. Together, the trio chance upon Gloxinia, who is apologizing to his younger sister for killing Rou. In a very remorseful manner, he adds that he was too scared to check whether she was alive. Interestingly, amidst the tearful conversation, Oslow begins to growl menacingly.

It is quite apparent that Oslow senses Gerharde's tears and is threatening Gloxinia. However, the princess intervenes, and instructs Oslow to stop the growling because the person it is threatening isn't an enemy. Quickly complying Gerharde's instructions, Oslow shrinks down dramatically. But what she describes about Oslow is truly shocking.

The Fairy Princess notes that Oslow appeared after Gloxinia left, and began protecting her. The Fairy King suddenly remembers the promise Rou made right before he had killed the human. Rou had promised Gerharde that when he is reborn, he would protect her. He had added that he would also protect all things and people that Gerharde holds dear. It is quite likely that Rou is reborn as Oslow, and is now fulfilling the promise from his previous life.

Diane notes that they have to return to the kingdom. She adds that they might be able to meet with Elaine. Gloxinia supports the idea, and adds that he would protect the Fairy Forest as her representative. Diane is quite concerned about the current condition of the kingdom, but exclaims that since they are "The Seven Deadly Sins," the duo could easily handle any and all problems.

Listening to the one-sided conversation, the king adds that they have to protect Gowther. It is apparent that he is referring to Zeldoris' threat and the Demon King. Interestingly, Suzuki also mentions puppet Gowther, who was entrusted to the Giant King by the real Gowther. Entrusting the security of the Fairy Forest to Gloxinia, Gerharde, Oslow, Diane, and the king race back to the kingdom.

The scene shifts back to the old fortress where the Seven Deadly Sins were once locked up under the suspicion of murdering the captain of the Holy Knights. When asked the reason for the abruptly called meeting, Merlin reveals that the king saw the omen once more.

Chapter 216 of The Seven Deadly Sins ends with the arrival of Diane and the king at the fortress. The duo's presence once more unites the Seven Deadly Sins. Mangaka Suzuki has promised that the story of the popular Japanese manga is about to shift into an "astounding situation."

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