WWE News: Will Batista Ever Make WWE Return? 'The Animal' Reveals Only Angle That Could Make Him Come Back

After quitting the company in storyline almost three years ago, Batista's next WWE return was supposed to happen soon after he finished promoting the first Guardians of the Galaxy film in 2014. But as it turned out, he was gone from the WWE soon after, legitimately quitting the company over creative differences. And while he's now enjoying progressively more success in Hollywood, where he uses his real name Dave Bautista, the wrestler oftentimes referred to as "The Animal" revealed in a podcast interview that he does miss wrestling and wouldn't mind coming back to WWE if given the right storyline. One thing he doesn't miss, however, is the politics of the WWE locker room.

On this week's episode of Talk Is Jericho, recently-dethroned United States Champion Chris Jericho sat down with Batista, whose last WWE return in 2014 didn't go according to plan. Originally brought back as a babyface to feud with the heel Randy Orton, Batista was booed by fans when he won the 2014 Royal Rumble match, as many were hoping Daniel Bryan would compete in the Rumble and earn the right to face Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX. He was turned heel soon after, but this return ultimately ended in disappointment, not only to fans, but also to himself, as he admitted to MLW Radio (via Goliath) last year.

Batista would again echo this disappointment on Talk Is Jericho (quotes via Cageside Seats), saying that he has no patience for WWE locker room politics, even if he truly misses being in a wrestling ring like he was before his acting career took off.

"Yeah, I miss it a lot... There's nothing like it, you know that. There's just an adrenaline rush that goes along with it. What I don't miss is the company, to be honest with you. I don't miss WWE. I miss wrestling, I just don't miss dealing with the company and its bulls**t."
Later on in the interview, Chris Jericho expressed surprise that Batista and WWE haven't been talking about a potential return in recent months. According to Batista, 47, who reprised his role as Drax the Destroyer in the recently-released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, WWE truly doesn't seem interested in bringing him back as a wrestler, based on the storylines he's been asking for. But he did reveal the angle/storyline that would convince him to get him back in the ring again – a resumption of the feud with Triple H that was teased when he quit both HHH's rebooted Evolution faction and the WWE in storyline in June of 2014.

"I've asked, yeah, I've asked. Well, there's... I've asked for what I want. I'll tell you and I've talked to Hunter about it and I've talked to Vince about it. I said I would come back and run a whole program with Hunter. That's the only thing I'm interested in doing. They're just not interested in it, you know?"

Batista also claimed that WWE has been giving him the runaround when he brings up this potential feud with Triple H, with company officials always telling him they'll "think about it."

WWE faction Evolution returned in 2014 with Randy Orton, Triple H, and Batista as members. [Image by WWE]

At the moment, a Batista vs. Triple H feud might be an interesting prospect for casual fans more familiar with their time together with Randy Orton in both versions of Evolution. HHH is fresh off a loss to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33, and rumors of a new faction led by Triple H and possibly featuring Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe have died down since the WWE Superstar Shakeup, which sent Owens from the RAW brand to SmackDown Live.

With WWE supposedly uninterested in such a plan, Batista made it clear to Jericho that he wouldn't want to feud with anyone else, as he wants this proposed rivalry with Triple H to serve as his last run as a wrestler before retiring.

"At this point, no, because it would be my retirement thing. It would be what I would go out on. I would come back and I'd do a whole program and then I'd be done."

Would you like to see Batista make another WWE return and have one final feud with Triple H, or do you believe he should continue focusing on his Hollywood career? Let us know in the comments section below.

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