'The Originals' Season 5 Petition Created To Save The Show

Out of all the CW shows, The Originals Season 5 is the one with the shakiest future. iZombie fans are pretty certain that their show will be renewed, while Frequency and No Tomorrow are set for cancellation. However, with the end of The Vampire Diaries and not exactly stellar ratings, Originals fans aren't sure what will happen to their show.

Fans fear the show will be canceled after this season. There were instantly some worries last year when The CW announced The Originals Season 4 premiere would be postponed. Fans waited until March of 2017 for the premiere, compared to the previous seasons airing in the fall. With the reduced episode order confirmed, fans started to fear that this would be the final year.

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However, CW boss Mark Pedowitz shared that a decision hadn't been made on the show. The network wanted to wait until May of 2017 to make a decision to give the viewing figures a chance to come through.

While ratings have dropped slightly in recent weeks, The Originals Season 5 still looks likely, according to TV by the Numbers. The ratings are about on par with already renewed shows The 100 and Riverdale. They are also better than already-renewed show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. There is also an extremely loyal fan base.

Due to recent fears of The Originals being canceled, fans have taken to petition sites. One fan started a Care2 petition to ask for The Originals Season 5. However, the fan goes one step further by requesting the show be moved back to its fall line-up with a full episode order. This is unlikely considering the ratings.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to encourage The CW to renew their favorite vampire show for another year. They have even stated reasons for this to happen, including bringing Caroline back to the show and finishing off the Klaroline storyline.

The Originals fans want at least one more season. They need something to completely wrap up all the storylines, rather than creating a rushed ending. Many fans shared that since parent show The Vampire Diaries got a year to bring an end to the show, The Originals should get it too. TVD fans got an early warning that it would be the final season, meaning they could get used to saying goodbye to their favorite characters.

Pedowitz said that he would like to see the vampire show continue. According to Cinema Blend, the announcement for the main bulk of renewals came before The Originals Season 4 aired. It wasn't possible to make a decision on the show at that time, so certainty over its future lingered. May will see the TV ratings sweep, which will give the network a better idea on the viability of the series for another year.

While Pedowitz hasn't confirmed Season 5 just yet, he is on board with the idea. He likes working with show creator Julie Plec and would like to hear her plans for the next year. Plec has said that she isn't finished with the storylines of the Mikaelson siblings.

For now, the fate of the Mikaelsons remains on the bubble. This is a show that could go either way, and it needs the support of the fans. Now is the time to tune in live on a weekly basis. The CW also looks at Twitter to gauge the support for the show, as not everyone has Nielsen boxes to capture their live viewings. It's possible to tweet #TheOriginals from an hour before the show airs until three hours afterward to be considered in the sweeps by the network. These are the only two official ways to show support for The Originals Season 5.

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