Joseline Hernandez Nude: 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Bares Nearly All In A New Magazine Shoot

If there's one thing we all know about Joseline Hernandez, it's that she knows how to keep herself in the news. The latest news report, however, suggests that Joseline Hernandez is nude in her latest photoshoot.

Now, we're all for freedom of expression, and we fully believe that a woman should show her body if she wants to. However, we have to wonder if Joseline Hernandez is going nude because she wants to or because she wants attention.

Either way, she's got our attention, at least for now.

According to Hollywood Life, Joseline Hernandez went almost nude for Galore Magazine. The "dress" she wore -- if you can call it as much -- barely covered all her appropriate parts, and it also featured an exclusive interview with the Puerto Rican Princess.

And if there's one thing we know about our girl, it's that she knows how to give a good quote.

We have to give credit where credit is due: Joseline Hernandez sure does look good!

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican Princess is making the news rounds for other reasons, as well.

In a separate report for Hollywood Life, Joseline Hernandez and her nude pictures aren't the only reason for her being in the news. According to this report, she's probably going to be leaving the show after calling it home for six seasons.

Apparently, in the interview with Galore Magazine, Joseline said that while she won't always be on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, she will always be in the spotlight.

"Joseline didn't divulge any reasons as to why she may not return to L&HH. However, she admitted that she's been in high demand for a lot of on-screen gigs lately. "I love to act and [I'm] going to be in front of the screen for many, many years to come," Joseline gushed [Phew!]. "And I got a few phone calls to go read for a few movies and things like that. But right now, I just have to pick and choose what works for me because I have so much work coming my way that for me to get into the character, I want to live that character. I want to really come up hard and really show."

Unfortunately, the news about Joseline Hernandez going nude is causing some negative backlash. According to All Hip Hop, Mimi Faust -- who is Stevie J's other baby mama and the former co-star of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta -- has petitioned a judge to have Joseline stay away from her and her child with Stevie J.

On May 2, Mimi went to court to request a restraining order against Joseline, claiming that her behavior is getting more and more aggressive, and that her claims about Stevie J being a child molester are negatively affecting her child with Stevie.

"People think this is a f**king joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don't give a f**k about the show or what was said on it. If he's not going to protect my daughter, I will," Mimi snapped. "If the shoe were on his foot, he'd do exactly what I'm doing. I don't understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect."

Love and Hip Hop fans, now it's your turn. What do you think of this latest round of rumors about Joseline Hernandez? Do you think Joseline Hernandez and her nude pictures look good?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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