'Clash Of Clans' Update 2017: Boats Usable Soon, Potential 'COC' Update Leak With New Rewards? [Video]

Clash of Clans update time arrived again on Friday morning (May 5). This latest Clash of Clans 2017 update may have come as a surprise to many users because Supercell just introduced a smaller one earlier in the week. A new video (seen below) was also added to the fold, though it may not be as exciting for users as the first one this week. There is also a new tagline that keeps getting used, likely to make sure that gamers remember it as a much larger COC update draws closer. Could the improvements to the game usher in even more revenue for Supercell?

"New land means new possibilities."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a lot of buzz was created when Supercell introduced boats to the Clash of Clans villages. Very little information was given about these boats that suddenly showed up on the shores of every village. Then there were also hints that a second village could be made available to each user. A forum thread has already been created on the main Supercell website where users are debating about the new video. Some gamers are worried that there is too much hype to make the next Clash of Clans update truly remarkable.The Clash of Clans blog doesn't quite address the new video just yet, as it still talks about the recent celebration of the game turning three years old. There are also links to the two new videos, with the latest one linked below for reader consumption. Most of it is spent with a Hog Rider discussing what he would do in a new land, possibly providing users hints about what could be coming in that long-awaited and heavily advertised Clash of Clans 2017 update. Unfortunately, it still doesn't give a date for when those boats will be usable.

There is also a user posting on Twitter that they have information about a Clash of Clans leak that showcases some of the big changes that are coming. While there has been zero confirmation that the information about the next Clash of Clans update is real, there are certainly some interesting gems within it that make for good reading. If nothing else, it gives an interesting look at things that users would certainly enjoy having in the game or have asked about in the COC forums in the past. Addressing those "wish lists" could help retain more users for Supercell.

Potential improvements to the game could include a sixth builder getting added for users at Town Hall 10 or higher, friendly challenges with the ability to directly challenge friends, an increase in village size, the ability to name heroes, and the ability to donate resources. There are also a few Clash of Clans rumors about how the boats could be used. One states that it will take users to an island where they can battle against one other user. The boats may also provide daily rewards of resources and gems. This all certainly sounds like plausible game introductions.

With the release of two small updates and two videos so close together this week, it has given users a lot of hope that the "big" Clash of Clans update is just around the corner. It has already been advertised as the biggest update the game has seen, but that billing currently belongs to the moment that Clan Wars was added to the game. Could the next improvement to the game actually be better and more exciting than when Clan Wars first started? That would be a tough thing to accomplish.

For users playing the game on a daily basis, an upcoming P.E.K.K.A. event will allow users to earn gems by performing attacks with that particular troop. It will begin on Saturday (May 6), giving users an added incentive to use the P.E.K.K.A. for the two-day event. The wait for that next promotion to begin will provide a lot of time for gamers to postulate about how the boats are going to actually be used in the next Clash of Clans update, whether the leaked information is correct, and if a second village will be an exciting wrinkle to the game.

[Featured Image by Markku Ulander/AP Images]