FBI Report Of Investigation Into Church Of Scientology Surfaces

The FBI reportedly did an investigation and full report on the Church of Scientology; the 300-page document has now gone public with reports of human trafficking and underground Scientology labor camps.

Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology and is now facing adversity for blowing the whistle on the organization that she says harassed her and her family in response to her book explaining how, since childhood, Scientology controlled her life. Remini says that criticizing Scientology, or Tom Cruise, its top celebrity member, will bring down the full wrath of the organization and its leader, David Miscavige, on former members. Remini has also asked for Miscavige to produce his wife, who she said has been missing for years.

According to Radar Online, he FBI conducted the investigation into Scientology more than five years ago, and yet it was never made public until now. Radar has now unveiled this report that allegedly speaks of human trafficking and confinement in secure labor camps. There is also the suggestion that the Church of Scientology uses its members in Los Angeles as slave labor for its platinum member, Tom Cruise.


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The FBI investigation allegedly started in 2009, and it was kept hush-hush. It included information about underground labor camps, where members of the Church of Scientology worked and lived in “slave-like conditions.” Physical abuse, and the abuse of members’ civil liberties, which the Church of Scientology denies, was documented.

Now, former members of the Church of Scientology want to know why the FBI report was never made public when so many members were reportedly suffering under the control of their church. Included in the report were allegations of severe limitations of civil liberties, as the members in the labor camps were not allowed to have children and were forced to have abortions in a manner that alarmed the local abortion clinic. There were also reports of adult staff members “having sex with minors.” Verbal and physical abuse was said to be the norm.

Radar Online has published pages of the FBI report, which revealed that members were ordered to “beat the crap” out of other members.

“They had bloody noses and one guy lost a tooth.”

According to the report, members were said to be made to crawl around on their hands and knees, while others had to wear degrading signs, including one that said, “I’m a whore.” Sleep deprivation was also reported, and others were forced to live in bamboo cages that were similar to the kind used for animals. The low-ranking Scientology members were said to have been manipulated and brainwashed, according to one witness.

“Members were so brainwashed into thinking that leaving was not an option, and they were too afraid that the COS would come after them if they tried to leave.”

The report said that if a member of the Scientology Sea Org escaped, a drill would be conducted to find and recover that member.

The bigger question now being asked is why was the FBI report about the Church of Scientology not published and shared in a timely manner. FBI’s Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. offices and officials from the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney’s Office were all involved in the investigation that has now gone public.

A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology said that the FBI report was never published because they found nothing.

“No raid occurred because the FBI knew that such an action would have uncovered nothing more than peaceful members of a religious order going about their religious mission.”

Why do you think the FBI never published their extensive report in the Church of Scientology?

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