NFL News: 2017 NFL Draft Changes Super Bowl 52 Odds Dramatically, Which Teams Benefited The Most?

On the heels of Las Vegas odds makers releasing the NFL win totals for the upcoming season, many sports books have updated their odds to win Super Bowl 52 next February. The NFL Draft is one of the most exciting drafts in all of sports, but it can also be one of the most overrated and overhyped sporting events as well.

After all, just because a team drafts the best player coming out of college, it doesn’t mean that he will transform his game to the NFL level and play just as well in the pros. Nevertheless, the odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl have changed quite a bit since the NFL Draft, and here is how they are currently shaping up.

Tom Brady celebrates another title.
Tom Brady will turn 40 this season, but the odds are still on New England's side. [Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

CBS Sports indicates that in their latest Super Bowl odds, the William Hill sportsbook in Nevada has listed the New England Patriots as a heavy favorite to win it all next season, despite the fact that Tom Brady will be 40 by the time his team kicks off the regular season in September. Throughout the entire history of the NFL, no quarterback has won a Super Bowl or NFL championship over the age of 40. When it comes to defying age, no one does it better than Brady, so it may not be smart to bet against the Patriots just because of a statistic!

The latest NFL odds released by William Hill this week are the first ones to come out since the NFL Draft concluded back on April 29. Taking NFL free agency signings and the NFL draft picks into consideration, many teams have seen their odds change for the better – and for the worse.

Here is the good news for the New England Patriots and their fans. The Pats have become even stronger since the draft ended. New England, who were originally listed as a 4-1 favorite to win it all when William Hill first released its odds in February, are now being given 3-1 odds to claim another NFL championship. So, ho-hum, New England is once again the overwhelming favorite headed into the new season.

While most NFL fans already know that the New England Patriots are the favorite, which teams increased their odds the most post draft date?

That would be the Houston Texans.

The Texans saw their odds drastically improve after they traded up to grab Deshaun Watson during the first round of the NFL Draft on April 27. Houston opened at 40-1 to win Super Bowl LII back in February, but they have jumped all the way up to 20-1. That is a big move for a team, considering it is based on what NFL experts in Las Vegas believe Deshaun Watson can do in his rookie campaign.

Other teams on the rise include the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants.

Oakland, to many NFL experts’ surprise, jumped up to the No. 2 overall Super Bowl favorite at 15/2. The Oakland Raiders were listed at 12/1 just three months ago. The New York Giants jumped up to 18/1 from 25/1, Green Bay went from 12/1 to 17/2, and of course, the previously mentioned Texans were the biggest movers, jumping all the way up to 20/1 from 40/1.

The San Diego Chargers in the huddle.
The San Diego Chargers now sit at 100/1 to win Super Bowl 52. [Image by Donald Miralle/Getty Images]

Many teams took a dip on the NFL Super Bowl odds board, but none bigger than the New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers. Both the Colts and Panthers were listed at 20/1 before the NFL Draft, but they have both watched their odds drop to 40/1 while the Chargers went from 60/1 to 100/1. The Bills went from 50/1 to 100/1 long shots.

The Jets had the biggest drop post Draft Day, falling from 75/1 to an incredible 200/1.

Below is a look at every team’s current odds to win the NFL championship this season. The teams with parentheses by them show the difference between what they were previously to where they currently are today.

Super Bowl LII odds (via William Hill)

Patriots: 3-1 (4-1)
Raiders: 15-2 (12-1)
Cowboys: 8-1 (7-1)
Packers: 17-2 (12-1)
Steelers: 12-1
Falcons: 12-1
Seahawks: 12-1
Giants: 18-1 (25-1)
Texans: 20-1 (40-1)
Broncos: 25-1 (20-1)
Vikings: 25-1
Chiefs: 30-1 (20-1)
Cardinals: 30-1 (20-1)
Buccaneers: 30-1
Colts: 40-1 (20-1)
Panthers: 40-1 (20-1)
Ravens: 40-1 (30-1)
Eagles: 40-1 (50-1)
Dolphins: 40-1
Lions: 50-1
Titans: 50-1
Saints: 50-1
Redskins: 60-1 (50-1)
Bengals: 60-1 (50-1)
Bills: 100-1 (50-1)
Chargers: 100-1 (60-1)
Jaguars: 100-1
Rams: 125-1 (100-1)
Bears: 125-1 (100-1)
49ers: 150-1
Jets: 200-1 (75-1)
Browns: 250-1

[Featured Image by Elsa/Getty Images]