‘Little People, Big World’: Jacob Roloff Starts Video Blog To Share Life On The Road

Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff started a new video blog to share life on the road with girlfriend Isabel. The youngest Roloff family member announced on Wednesday via his personal Instagram account that the first video out of several is now up on YouTube. The 20-year-old former Little People, Big World cast member also included a link to his new vlog. According to Jacob Roloff, he plans to use the video blog to “share this adventure with all of you,” referring to spending weeks on the road with his dogs and 21-year-old girlfriend, Izzy.

Fans of Little People, Big World still say they miss watching Jacob Roloff on the small screen with the rest of his family. Followers of Jacob on social media continue to comment that Little People, Big World is “not the same without you on the show.” Jacob Roloff left his family’s long-running reality TV show before Season 10 in 2016. As reported by the Inquisitr, Jacob did not appear in any episodes of Season 10 and only appeared in a few episodes of Season 9, after making regular appearances on Little People, Big World for every other season, from March of 2006 to December of 2010.


After taking a three-year hiatus, Little People, Big World came back to TLC in 2013 with Season 7, as all four of the Roloff kids were “home for the first time in years.” However, after Little People, Big World returned to the small screen, rumors circulated that Jacob Roloff was unhappy with his family and as a reality TV star. Radar Online reported in 2016 that Jacob Roloff announced he would never again do more episodes of Little People, Big World or show his face on screen again, citing several reasons, such as a religious rift, lack of pay, and fakery on the set. After Little People, Big World fans realized Jacob had left the show, many fans supported his decision not to renew his contract but also missed keeping up with him on the small screen.

Although Jacob Roloff moved away from Little People, Big World and his family’s 36-acre farm in Oregon, he remained very active on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, with hundreds of thousands of followers on both. Jacob has regularly kept Little People, Big World fans updated on what’s been going on in his life, specifically with his long-time girlfriend Izzy, his religious and political beliefs, and the couple’s two rescue dogs. Fans of Little People, Big World were ecstatic on Wednesday when Jacob posted on his Instagram account he was once again going to appear on video, via a new video blog on his brand new YouTube channel called “Rock & Roloff.”

Jacob and Izzy told fans during the lengthy intro video to be sure to subscribe to “Rock & Roloff” to never miss an episode of their vlog, where they plan to capture and share a three-week journey across several states in the Pacific Midwest. The couple tells subscribers they plan to post new videos state by state, putting in some Alan Watts audio and learning how to video as they go. For the past few days, Jacob has been posting photos on his Instagram account of his preparation for the road trip, saying he’s been working on the back of his truck to get it road-trip ready, and they plan to hit a “ton of national parks” and stay with friends along the way.


Jacob Roloff’s unveiling of his new video blog on Wednesday coincided with the premiere of a new season of Little People, Big World on TLC. Fans jumped on Jacob’s Instagram posts about his road trip to ask why he isn’t on Little People, Big World. While most fans are excited to see Jacob Roloff once again on video, the youngest Roloff family member has also received backlash over his new video blog, with some Little People, Big World fans asking why he vlogs for thousands of social media followers but doesn’t want to be on the show.

Jacob doesn’t respond to comments anymore on his Instagram account, but Zach Roloff seems to support his younger brother’s decision to live his life on the road and even promoted Jacob and Isabel’s road trip via his own Instagram account, saying that he’s “super jealous of them.” Zach and Tori are grounded for now, awaiting the upcoming birth of their first child. Tori, who recently celebrated her 26th birthday, is due to deliver a baby boy in just a few weeks and keeps Little People, Big World fans updated on the progress of her pregnancy via her personal Instagram account. Recently, Tori Roloff announced the newest season of Little People, Big World on Instagram, along with a photo of the baby’s nursery, captioned with, “Can’t wait to show you all of the things we have been up to the last 9 months!”

“Tori and me loved our road trips together and can’t wait to take our boy on one!”


Tori’s due date is at the end of May, leaving Little People, Big World fans to wonder if Jacob Roloff will miss the birth of his first nephew while he continues to road trip and video blog.

Catch the next new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 p.m. ET. The upcoming episode, called “Twinning Through Life,” will show Jeremy and Audrey surprise the Roloff family with their own baby news, while Amy and Chris deal with a bump in their relationship, Matt tries to balance dating and work, and Zach and Tori leave town for a weekend getaway, as summarized on PremiereDate.

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]