‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: A Trip To Greece To Save Nicole And Get Deimos’ Death Amulet

Days Of Our Lives fans see things heating up a little more every day as Xander holds Nicole and Holly captive. It turns out that rescuing Nicole isn’t the only business some Salemites have in Greece though. Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to know. Days Of Our Lives spoilers will follow.

The plan that Deimos and Xander had was for Xander to take Nicole and Holly to his private island in Greece. Deimos plans to sweep in and rescue Nicole and win her back again. He has no idea that Eric is on a mission to rescue Nicole and Holly for his brother Brady. Days Of Our Lives fans will have to wait and see but rumors say Eric will succeed in reaching Nicole.

Nicole and Xander, Captive and Captor.
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Days Of Our Lives villain Deimos has many irons in the fire and is after an amulet. Chad and Kate have teamed up and plan to get the interesting artifact before Deimos does. Chad needs a distraction and to get out of Salem for a while. He wants to reunite with Abigail and again be the Days Of Our Lives power couple but is becoming increasingly concerned over Dario and the strong relationship the two are forming.

Chad reaches out to Abigail.
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Chad may be getting into a bad situation, however. The amulet has a curse of death on it. Kate ignores the curse because of the value of this coveted artifact. Chad isn’t concerned either but Andre is superstitious and comes unglued when he learns of what his brother is up to. Days Of Our Lives has a history with superstitious situations and how twisted things can become. All should proceed with caution.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Hope follows Chad to Greece in hopes of ending his search for the amulet. Days Of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Sonny and Paul show up in Greece to investigate the shooting and kidnapping done by Xander. They haven’t believed anything Deimos has said and plan on watching closely.

Though Days Of Our Lives spoilers have not revealed why, we know that Gabi, Eli, and Lani will join the others in Greece. They hint of the writers of Days Of Our Lives having the three become involved in very creative ways. With the potential for tragedy on this trip, there should be lots of drama and danger.

Nicole has always been very resourceful on Days Of Our Lives. She never goes down without a fight and this time is no different. Nicole attempts to escape by hitting Xander with a glass object from behind. Spoilers tell us that she ends up in more danger as a result. Eric is on the way, however.

When Eric executes a daring plan to rescue his old friend Nicole, he doesn’t receive the greeting he had anticipated. Instead of being happy to see him, she is still full of anger and pain over the death of Daniel. Days Of Our Lives fans will remember that Eric has been in prison for the drunk-driving fatal accident he caused that claimed the life of Daniel and caused Brady to need Daniel’s heart in order to survive.

As Days Of Our Lives fans know, Nicole doesn’t hold back. She has no problem telling Eric exactly how she feels about him. Nicole blames him for her entire life being a mess as a result of Eric getting in the car to leave the New Year’s Eve party. If he had not driven, Daniel would not have died. If Daniel had not died, Chloe wouldn’t have had a baby with the frozen eggs without Daniel in the picture. She should be living her happily ever after instead of being on the run to keep her daughter from Chloe.

There are many more twists and turns in the current Days Of Our Lives storyline. Make sure to check back with Inquisitr to keep up with the latest information as it comes out.

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