Could Blake Shelton Be Quitting Country Music? ‘The Voice’ Coach Says Next Album May Be His Last

Blake Shelton has been very busy the last few years with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and coaching The Voice. On top of that, he has been recording and performing country music as well. Now, it sounds like Blake Shelton may be moving on from making music. CMT shared that in a recent interview, Blake made it sound as if his next album could end up being his last one. He is pretty young to be retiring, so the fans really are wondering what is going on with him. It is hard to imagine Blake Shelton doing anything else.

ET Online actually spoke to Blake Shelton and got the details about his plans for an upcoming album. He said, “This next album I’m making is probably gonna be my last album. So I really gotta decide what I wanna do. I don’t do entertainment anymore, kids.” Of course, he will want the album to be perfect if it is his last one. When asked if he would ever like to collaborate with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, Blake said, “Man, I hope so.” Blake could simply do a song on her album instead of another full album on his own.


The one thing to remember is you never know if Blake Shelton is being serious or not. Sometimes he jokes around in interviews, and when he talked about possibly not making any new albums, Blake could have just been teasing. Country music is what he does, and the idea of him doing anything else would be pretty surprising. Every season of The Voice, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have both been there, even though, the other coaches have changed from time to time. It doesn’t look like Blake has any plans to leave The Voice.

As Gossip Cop revealed, there have been rumors that Gwen Stefani was going to leave the show, but they revealed that these are not true. The rumors were that Gwen and Blake might both be moving on. The original report said that the fact that Miley Cyrus was going come back was causing a lot of friction between Blake and Gwen. Someone who claimed to be an on-set source said, “Since Miley is set on coming back to the show next season, Gwen definitely does not want to be on the panel alongside her. And, of course, since Gwen does not want to return, now Blake is considering throwing in the towel as well!”

Gossip Cop shared that this isn’t the first time this rumor has gone around, and there is no truth to it once again. Now, the rumors that Blake is quitting making albums are a bit different considering it is coming straight from him. There is one thing true about the rumors that Blake and Gwen could be leaving The Voice. That is that they haven’t confirmed the coaches for Season 13 just yet. You never know who they will decide to have on the show for the next season considering they change coaches all the time.

Blake Shelton also gave a small update on his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, after she suffered from a ruptured eardrum last week.

“She’s getting better. Something like that is just slow, when you pop-blow your eardrum out, I don’t even know how that happens. But, she says she can hear now. She’ll be all right. She’ll be singing tomorrow [on The Voice]. She’s tough.”


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[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]