Did Kim Kardashian’s Butt Controversy Ruin Caitlyn Jenner’s Book Promotion?

Has all of the recent media attention surrounding Kim Kardashian’s butt caused problems for Caitlyn Jenner’s recent book promotion?

As those who follow the Kardashian and Jenner family know, the members of said family are anything but shy when it comes to competing for attention. In an In Touch Weekly exclusive, it was revealed that the latest competition between Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner was over Kim’s butt and Caitlyn’s book titled The Secrets of My Life. Unfortunately for Caitlyn Jenner, it would appear as if Kim’s butt was the victor of the battle.

Caitlyn Jenner attends the 25th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall
Did Kim ruin Jenner's book promotion? [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

As those who follow Kim Kardashian probably know by now, the mother-of-two made headlines last month after being photographed by paparazzi while she was enjoying time on the beach in a bikini. Unfortunately for Kim, the photos received a great deal of unwanted attention for the visible cellulite on her perfect bottom. The untouched butt photos quickly started to make waves as those who followed Kim wanted to know why the pictures of her butt that typically surfaced on the internet – and especially on her own social media accounts – didn’t contain any cellulite. Was she airbrushing her perfect bottom before she stepped foot in public? Could she be photoshopping the photos she posted on social media? This is what people couldn’t stop talking about.

The upside for all the attention Kim was receiving for her untouched butt photos was the fact that negative attention appeared to be better than no attention at all. It is also possible the negative attention was actually more powerful than positive attention. Media outlets were quick to pick up on the fact that Kim had lost 100,000 followers on Instagram following the posting of the untouched butt photos. Were people really that upset with Kim for lying about her butt? The loss of Instagram followers, however, didn’t last long as Kim has since regained the 100,0000 followers she lost in addition to gaining 200,000 more putting her at 99.1 million followers. One could argue all of the negative attention Kim is receiving for her untouched butt photos has actually resulted in her becoming more popular on Instagram.

While all of the negative attention doesn’t seem to be doing much harm to Kim, it isn’t an ideal situation for Caitlyn Jenner. According to In Touch Weekly, the butt controversy has actually pushed Caitlyn Jenner out of the headlines completely and caused people to forget about the tell-all book she was promoting. Could Kim’s butt controversy have actually ruined the promotion of Caitlyn Jenner’s new tell-all book?

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Sources close to the Kardashian and Jenner family did note to In Touch Weekly that Kim did not ignite the butt controversy on purpose. The source proceeded to explain that increasing her popularity or gaining more attention through negativity isn’t an approach Kim Kardashian would ever want to take.

“Making herself look bad isn’t the way she’d go about it. I can tell you that she’s not happy that what her butt really looks like is making headlines.”

While Kim Kardashian has remained silent about the controversy surrounding her butt, inside sources have confirmed she is less than thrilled with the way she is continuing to creep up into the headlines.

Did Kim stir up controversy on purpose? [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Do you think all of the attention Kim Kardashian’s butt is getting could have ruined the promotion of Caitlyn Jenner’s book? Be sure to share your thoughts on the butt controversy and whether or not he ruined Jenner’s book promotion in the comment’s section found down below.

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